Thursday, December 25, 2008

Michael Ealy for Christmas via Beyonce's Latest Video

I spotted Beyonce's latest video Halo on and was excited because her leading man, Michael Ealy leaves me in awe. What a way to get into the Holiday spirit.

Funny story: I ran into Michael Ealy on my flight to Denver for the DNC back in August. Sure, I've always thought he was a "cutie" but my travel buddies, I'll call them M & M and LBoogie, admired him more than I did at the time. One of my friends was so speechless she could barely move to put her luggage in the overhead compartment. He's a mystery to me, I can't quite put my finger on him, which is why he is so intriguing. He has truly won me over. Enjoy!

He should be on display at the Museum of Naturally Fine Men....gee wiz.