Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Peeps

Hey Creatiff Ones,

This weekend was really busy. I co-hosted my monthly relationship forum. Lots of fun, crazy fun crowd as usual. Oh, also, I cut my hair-my real hair. For the purpose of expressing myself creatiffly, I love wearing weaves and wigs, I love, love them but I wanted to cut my hair into a style, and the short hair wigs just looked too "wiggy" to wear, so I decided to let go of my connection to "hair" and I told my sister (my hairstylist) to just cut and she did. I got used to it. I like it.

I attended church and heard an amazing message from the guest minister, his name is Bishop Brister out of New Orleans (google him). He spoke about Humility and Serving. Great message. I'm headed to Denver (for the DNC) and to New York for the Holiday weekend so my blogs will be delayed, so I wanted to at least post one for this week. Keep me and my traveling buddies in your thoughts as we've never been to Denver and I'm hearing the protesters are off the chain. I'm planning to do some video blogging from there so stay tuned for some possible updates from my Creatiff perspective.

Tiffany's Revelation Regarding Her Feet-LOL

Ok, I just want to share information on something I recently discovered about myself. For quite a few years I was under the impression that I had really nice feet. I mean, I love getting pedicures and trying out new polish colors to expose what I thought were cute feet in my flip flops. Well, a few weeks ago, I attended a car show and I spotted a car that was painted an orange color- similar to my toes. I decided to take a photo of my feet- (stop laughing Marcus-stop it)so I approached the car, and insert my feet into the photo to create what I thought would be an amazing effect-my toes, and the car matching. Well, honeychil', I snapped the photo with my 7.2 megapixel camera and all I can say is I wished that I had a 1.2 megapixel camera. I was like, "wait a dag on minute." Who's feet are in this photo? Not Ti Ti's. Oh no! (Marcus stop it-lol) Marcus is my boy, well former boy because he was laughing hysterically after I showed him the photo. Has anyone ever taken a photo of their feet, ladies? I don't know what to do with myself right now. I mean, I'm the Co-Chair of the Women Who Rock Flip Flops Society and I love flip flops and open toe shoes. I will wear flip flops to church. The megapixels on my camera showed my feet in a different perspective. I have NO photos of the feet.

Excuse the typos, if any. I'm in a rush and just wanted to make sure I did a blog posting before I left for my trips.

Enjoy the holiday weekend

LL Cool J- A Knock Out Performance

A few weeks ago I attended and posted pics from the set of LL Cool J's live performance for Yahoo and Nissan Live Sets. Below please view the video clips from the show.

This man is simply amazing!! And no, it has nothing to do with the fabulous fit body and gorgeous face. LL's a man who recognizes his greatness and refuses to dumb himself down, and he just happens to be fine. What a man! He's so many things. Any up and coming artists looking to maintain a career, Mr. Cool J should be in your orientation packet. This is how you do it. My friend Shan and I were trying to remain poised but when you view his performances you will see why we were a bit challenged in the poised area.:)See below:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PJ Morton Rocked L.A.

Tiff w/my German bff & prayer pa'tna, Heike at the PJ show
Tiff w/ the Fly Nerd, PJ Morton-he's just the best best!
PJ posin' w/ Heike
PJ & Smitty Rocks after the show.

Smitty, you passed the "rock out" test-you can hang :)

PJ stopped through L.A. to record his live album. Can I just say, heaven was on earth this past Friday at the Temple Bar. I just want all of my loved ones and friends to know about PJ Morton. You must know there is a remedy for the pain that's caused by the lack of music variety. No worries, I look for these fixes daily, and will share what I know. I do know one thing, you need PJ in your life, your ipod, cd player, etc. Remember when music used to make you feel good? Ladies, when songs used to make you feel prettier than you already are? Well, I felt pretty, and pretty good on Friday night because of the PJ Morton Experience. Check him out-thank me later.

Robi Reed's Annual Bday Bash

This past Saturday, producer/casting director, Robi Reed held her annual birthday bash at the home of our favorite t.v judge, Greg Mathis. Check out the photos from her Party w/ a Purpose, which also helped raise money for the Black Aids Institute.

Sirius & E! Host Robin Thede, Tiff and Elise Neal

Tiff w/ Laz (how'd you go from smiling to mean-muggin') LOL
Mean Muggin' Laz & Lashan
I don't know them, but AMEN, right? Thank the Lord for sight.

I believe the one on the right said his name was Reggie. Such cuties. Heeey Reggie! :)

Isn't this just the cutest face? Everybody Loves Chris's, Kevontay and his son Karter.

The no-nonsense Judge Mathis. He is such the coolest. He had to bring the "judge" out of him on one of the party guests...Too hilarious.

Tiff & DJ Spinderella

Tiff w/ Lee Bailey. He's clearly one of the reason's why, as a little girl I dreamed of working in entertainment. Can we say, Radioscope.

Thanks Lashan!

New Music: Anthony Hamilton feat. David Banner- "I'm Cool"

Anthony Hamilton - Im Cool feat. David Banner - Anthony Hamilton

Thursday, August 14, 2008

CREATIFFCHATTER Interviews Noel Gourdin

Check out my on camera interview with the new R&B, Feel Good Music sensation, Noel Gourdin. The first one ever posted to the blog...the rest are in edit mode.

Responsible for the hot hit single, "The River".

Noel Gourdin's Myspace Page

DJ Danna K, thanks for editing the clip for me.

Quote of The Day

"Sometimes expecting a straight answer from particular folks is absolutely out of the question. And that alone should answer your question" (unknown)

I like many others receive email forwards with quotes and inspirational messages all the time, but this is a straight shooter. Love it!

PJ Morton- Records Live Album In Los Angeles

If you're anywhere near the L.A./Santa Monica, CA area tomorrow, I urge you to check out PJ's show. You need him in your life.... A+ Feel Good Music for real. Check out the youtube clip below.

First The Fat Boys Break Up, Now This: John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston

Ok, I think most of my friends know I've been diggin' John Mayer since 2002 when I first heard, "No Such Thing"....I love this dude. Has he ever dated a black girl? Ok, John, you've already had 2 blonde girls, who's names start with J's. If you rock with black girls, HOLLA. Sincerely, Tiffany- President of Black Girls for John Mayer Sorority. We can go out on a date and bring our Ipods and talk about music the entire time. How romantic. {tiffany} !

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have called it quits, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

"They had a great time together but they are just in different places in their lives right now," says a source of Aniston, 39, and Mayer, 30, who kicked off their courtship in April.

A friend of Mayer adds that a reconciliation isn't necessarily out of the question: "He never ends things with a clean slate. He likes to dwell on these relationships and sort everything out before saying goodbye for good."


Monday, August 11, 2008

Soul Men: Bernie & Issac's New Movie (What Irony)

Source and Images: IMDB.com

Though it's been some twenty years since they have spoken with one another, two estranged soul-singing legends (Jackson and Mac) agree to participate in a reunion performance at the Apollo Theater to honor their recently deceased band leader.

According to IMDB.com, the movie is scheduled for release November 2008.

Weekend Tidbits-Sad, Happy & Good Music

The Happy Stuff

My boy/road dawg Marcus invited me as his guest to the FunkMaster Flex Car Show in Anaheim, CA. I'd never attended a car show competition, so I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy I was in the house. I didn't know building and designing cars was such the hobby it is. I had a great experience.

In other news, gas was down about .7 cents this weekend. Still $4 dollars, but atleast going in the down direction.

Sad Stuff

My weekend was also filled with extreme emotion. The passing of Bernie Mac just made me so sad. I'd heard a rumor last week and dimissed it, and to learn he would pass away a week later really bothered my soul. After catching an episode of his show on Saturday, ironically entitled, "Going Home", I started to smile because I realized he left us with lots of fun moments. "I'm gonna beat you until the white meat show"....LOL. Classic. Thanks Uncle Bernie!

Ok, here go my emotions again. So I get the bad news call while at the car show that Isaac Hayes passed away. We immediately check our email devices for confirmation and sure enough Wikipedia is confirming the update.

Two men who contributed greatly to the entertainment landscape. Thank you and God Bless!

I heard a great song this weekend:

Mary Mary-Get Up! This song right here is so uplifting. The beat is unique and hot. I wanted to jump out of the car at a light and just rock out. Although this song should get airplay on mainstream radio-and clubs, the message of the song is the stand out. "Get Up" will be my "rise and shine, have a great day song". Check out their Myspace to hear the song.

Stay beautiful, people!


Funk Master Flex-Car Show Rolls Through Anaheim, CA.

Tiff & Funkmaster Flex posing for the camera at his car show.
This is actually a Ford Focus
1979 Monte Carlo-I know what you're thinking, where is the Bishop?
Jessie, Tiff & Gordon-The owners of my favorite car at the show(see below)
My favorite car at the show: 1999 Cavalier
Interior of my favorite car at the show...like is that really a play station?
Tiff w/the coolest car at the show
David Banner w/ Tiffany
Tiffany & my 2nd favorite car,
a 1957 Chevy.

Conversations In Heaven- A Tribute to Bernie & Isaac

CONVERSATIONS IN HEAVEN by William Fredrick Cooper

I received this poem in an email forward from my friend J'me and
thought I'd share. It's nice (Tiffany)

As the Love Unlimited Orchestra, headed by Barry White, grooved to 'Satin Soul', suddenly, the arrangement screeched to a halt.

Something just wasn't right. Feeling disenchanted with the sound, perhaps taking his expertise for granted, the man that had so much to give needed more.

"I think we practiced this enough," the Maestro.

Marvin Gaye, echoing the sentiment, suggested something political.

"I love the way you made my jam Inner City Blues, jump," he shouted. "Let's run through that again."

"Nah, Sugar," a statuesque female uttered. "it's my time baby." The cream colored queen, with happiness sparkling in her eyes, strutted confidently to the front of the band. This woman, named Phyllis, finally found the love she never recieved on Earth from the Lord thirteen years ago, and was eager to sing its praises whenever the opportunity arose.

"Chill, Sister Hyman," Luther Vandross said. "Now you know that between you and me, girl, we got that love thing covered. The joy and pain of it all, the whole gamut. We need something fresh."

Johnny Griffin, the tenor saxophone genius known as the Little Giant, slapped hi-fives with his bee-bopping brother Miles Davis.

"Yeah, man," he concurred. Having recently arrived from France last month, he too felt the band needed an infusion of style. "We need a bad mutha."

James Brown and Gerald Levert, exchanging puzzled looks, couldn't for the life of them think of who to summon.

Suddenly barging in the heavenly auditorium was Redd Foxx, Robin Harris and Richard Pryor, arguing about the new addition to their Kings Of Comedy Tour.

"Ya big Dummy," Fred Sanford screamed. "We could use Bernie up here. He had me in stitches with his Def Jam routines."

Richard Pryor disagreed. "Nigga, Mac done got Cosby on us with that television show. He got all commercial on us.. He don't talk about f**** enough. All comedians talk about f*****. When the president was making speeches, we talked about f*****. Even the coolness of women who like it as much as we do. I remember the Playboy bunny..."

"Nobody's talking about f**** up in here, so shut up, ya test-tube baby!" Leave it to Robin Harris to Bring da pain. "Look at you with your cornrows, Richard. They tied so tight, that I bet you sleep with your eyes open. You had a T.V. show once too." Ever the bold one, Robin climbed up the stage stairs and grabbed Phyllis Hyman's hand.

"Those aren't press-ons," he announced.

Phyllis slapped his hand hand away.

"Shut-your mouth," she said, barely concealing her laughter.

At that instant, the whole room got silent. Humor and harmony becoming one, Comedy and composition congregating in a meeting of minds, Richard and Barry looked at each other, and smiled. Luther and Redd Foxx lowered the heads for a minute, then lifted them. Tears mixed with joy and pain ran a race to their chins. Gerald, Johnny and Miles gave each other skin, then hugged.

Barry White shook his head...

"Let's call Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. We sure could use em, up in here." he suggested.

Everyone agreed.

"Sho Ya' right," They all shouted in unison.

"Cool," was all brotha Miles stated. "Cool."

Will's Thought: We lost to in the physical spirit. But the remain in the laughter shared, and the head nod of a cool melody. Give Praise to the journey, as they will give God so much fun in their own special ways. Rest in Peace, Bernie. God Bless You, Issac. Y'all were some bad mutha....It's Okay, Ya'll can say it.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another One Gone: Issac Hayes Dead at 65

(CNN) -- Soul singer and arranger Isaac Hayes, who won Grammy awards and an Oscar for the theme from the 1971 action film "Shaft," has died, sheriff's officials in Memphis, Tennessee, reported Sunday.

Singer Issac Hayes seen performing in the U.K. last year. Hayes was found dead Sunday at age 65.

Relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill, said Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff's department said.

No foul play is suspected, the agency said in a written statement.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


AOL News:

Such sad news. You will be missed Uncle Bernie (Tiffany)

CHICAGO (Aug. 9) - Bernie Mac, the actor and comedian who teamed up in the casino heist caper "Ocean's Eleven" and gained a prestigious Peabody Award for his sitcom "The Bernie Mac Show," died Saturday at age 50.

"Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feel Good Video of The Day-Remember This?

Are you grown and sexy? Are you a person who appreciates music? Do you just like the way good music makes you feel? Then feel good why don't ya. This song right here, this song right here. OMG! I need to check wikipedia to see if it's been sampled.

Feelin' good, courtesy of Junior.

The Voice of Reason Helps Jamie Foxx Understand Love

You've seen him on TV-One's, Black Men Revealed and maybe up close at L.A.'s Battle of the Sexes event (shameless plug, just shameless). It's Zo Williams, host of the weekly Foxxhole/Sirius radio show, The Voice of Reason.

Tune in to his weekly show tonight and every Thursday on the Foxxhole channel 106 from 7 pst/10 est. He, along with co-hosts, Robin Thede and Geoff Brown, shoot no nonsense advice on relationships and life.

Check out the link below with special surprise guest Jamie Foxx, as he seriously attempts to get a better grasp on relationships and life from the Voice of Reason. You know it's hilarious!!

Click Here To Listen

Tonights Topic: Venus & Mars-Communication for Today's Couples.

If you are not a part of the satellite radio team, you may sign up for the free 3 day pass and listen online. Log on to www.sirius.com for more details.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LL Cool J- Rocks Yahoo's! Nissan Live Sets

all photos below courtesy of Stephanie Cabral, Yahoo

Ahh, LL Live! When I learned from my girl Dana in Baltimore that LL would perform live in LA, I immediately reached out to my equally music obsessed friend Billy Johnson at Yahoo for his assistance in getting me into the show. Mission Accomplished! Thanks Billy! I've seen LL perform live many times but never in an environment as intimate and friendly as Nissan Live Sets, where the arist also participates in a Q&A session with the fans. The show, filmed in a state of the art soundstage will air on August 15th on Yahoo! Make sure you log on to check him rock out.

Past performers include: Christina Aguilera, Common, Sheryl Crow, Ne-Yo, Maroon 5 and many legends and chart toppers.

LL performed as many classics as he could fit into the live taping, such songs included: "Mama Said Knock You Out, Doin' It, Hey Lover, Loungin', Headsprung, and Around the Way Girl". He also performed singles, "Baby" and Heartbeat" from his soon to be release, Exit 13. One of the songs I was beyond impressed with during his performance was "Laptop Gangstas", which is featured on his Kay Slay Presents: The Return of the G.O.A.T mixtape cd. He performed an accapella version of the song, with the delivery of a poet ala Dej Poetry Jam. He talks about haters wanting him to give up on is career because he's been around for a long time, but he's sayin', "I still got it, why should I stop"? I concur. He describes himself as Classic instead of Old School or New School and understands his relevance and where he fits in the entertainment industry.

During the Q&A portion of the show, one giddy female fan asked if he could lick his lips for her, of course being the Lady Lover he is, he obliged. Geez, where is his Chap Stick commercial? Doesn't he have a deal with Chap Stick? Talk about a commercial I would love to be in.

Thank you's: Billy Johnson, Janda Lane, Stephanie Arnoldy, and Dana Smith. This blog post was made possible because of you all. Thanks!

LL Cool J- feat. Ladies That Love Him

LL & Tiff after his Yahoo Nissan Live Sets performance

LL, being attentive to the lady
Signing autographs. He actually requested a sharpie so he could sign his autograph for a fan. See, the little things. How cool.
These young ladies, recent high school graduates were excited to photograph with LL.
LL, leaves the scene.

Ok, so as I was snaping these photos of the work of art, the blessing to a woman's eyes, God's gift to the ladies and Simone's man, LL Cool J. I didn't realize in all the photos I took, there was a female in them. We really love him, huh? The above photos were taken after LL's taping of Yahoo Music's Nissan Live Sets web show. To help assist in the area of keeping thoughts pure, my friend Lashan, who attended the taping with me, suggested we refer to him as "Simone's Man". So every now and then I will insert that reminder, "Simone's Man".

Moving on, I know it's customary for many hip hop artists to "hate" on one another, but I am seriously suggesting that artists, especially new one's, study this man. Whenever the opportunity is available, observe him on or off the stage; he knows how to connect with people and leave lasting impressions.

His Def Jam project, Exit 13, which features the single, "Baby" w/ The Dream is available in-stores and online on September 9th. In the meantime, his first ever mixtape cd, produced by DJ Kay Slay, The Return of the G.O.A.T. is in the streets and it's lyrically impressive; and fellas, there's only one love song on the mixtape. :)

Special Thanks to LL crew member, Brian Daughtry for making it possible for me to take the photos, and for always looking out regarding "all things "Cool J.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eric Roberson - Get You Some ERRO

Check out Eric in video form for his single, "Pen Just Cries Away" from his....LEFT cd. His pen cries, wow! How awesome. So, I guess he's saying, "baby, I was trying to write a song about you- I was emotional, so instead of tearing up, I allowed the ink from my pen to do the crying".

That's my definition of creative expression, saying I love you in a different way. :)

If you like it, tell someone else about ERRO.

One of the many highlights during Eric's show is when he freestyles, r&b style. He takes one word subjects from random audience members, puts them together and formulates what could actually serve as a hot song for his cd. The subjects shouted to Eric during his show this past weekend were, Nikes, HU (he's a Howard University Alumni),Obama, Inglewood, and sucking toes(that's 2 words, but he did it). I swear, he made the most beautiful song with those words. Above is video sample of a similar freestyle performance of Eric on the Michael Baisden show.

Eric's Myspace

Hanging With Eric Roberson & DJ Anthony Valadez

Tiff, Eric Roberson, Zenja (KJLH) & Danna (Change Is Now)

Eric Roberson (ERRO) taking the time out to show us love. Afterwards, I rocked out to the beats by DJ Anthony Valadez. Can I just say, DJ Anthony Valadez is the 2nd hottest DJ I've ever rocked out with; D-Nice is my top! Anthony Valadez, whom I've never heard of is for sure a very, very, very, very close 2nd. I can't believe the workout he gave me. I need him in my dance expression life, and you should get him in yours too.

Here's a list of songs he played: Oh Sheila!, Push It (Salt N Pepa), Supersonic (JJ Fad), It Feels Good, (Tony, Toni, Tone), People Everyday (Arrested Development), Cool It Now (New Edition) I Like (Guy- to which Danna and Zenja started the electric slide),Gotta Give It Up (Marvin Gaye), Kissing Game (Hi Five), and then he brought us up to the millenium with hot songs by Estelle, Donell Jones, Ciara, Lloyd, and Omarian.

DJ Valadez's Myspace

Friday, August 1, 2008

Eric Roberson Rocks L.A. This Weekend

One of Creatiff Chatter's favorite independent artist, Eric Roberson hits the L.A. area with his hot band, Franklin Bridge this Saturday, Aug. 2. If you're in L.A., or near the area, you gotta check him out. Eric is a part of the puzzle that's missing from R&B music. Let's put the pieces back together.

Your soul will appreciate you!

Performing Live at The Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA
Sat. Aug 2, 2008

For more info, check out click here for the
Temple Bar
Eric Roberson's Myspace

A note from his publicist, Elsa below:

For the LA folks who went to the Grammy Edition of Kiss n' Grind and only got to hear E do a couple of songs, this is a FULL Eric Roberson show. His band... showing o-u-t!