Friday, February 20, 2009

Woman's Hair Weave Saves Her Life

A Missouri woman is thanking God, and her hair weave for saving her life after her car was riddled with bullets by her ex-boyfriend after he learned she was no longer in love with him.

One of the bullets became tangled in her sewn in weave tracks, which prevented the bullet from penetrating her head.

[Tiffany]: I too, thank God, and her weave for saving her life. Gosh, I love weaves.

CREATIFF REVIEW: Tyler Perry's, Madea Goes To Jail

Hallelujer…Tyler Perry brings Madea back to the screen in his latest feature, MADEA GOES TO JAIL! Warning: Scenes with Madea will cause loud and uncontrollable outbursts of laughter.

One would wonder, what type of trouble could a pistol-carrying, elderly woman, possibly get herself in that would land her in all places, JAIL!! Well, let’s just say, after yet another run-in with the “po-po’s,” Madea has exhausted all of her life-lines, tap-danced on the wrong judge’s nerves and ends up serving time in jail.

Derek Luke (Notorious, Antwone Fisher) co-stars in the film as, Josh Hardaway, a rising Asst. District Attorney who takes on a case involving a young drugged-out prostitute, Candace Washington, played by Keshia Knight Pulliam (Cosby Show, The Gospel). As Candace’s case continues to build, Josh starts to feel responsible and connected to Candace’s struggle, so rather than allow his inner conflicts to become tangled in the court preceding, he passes the case on to his female colleague, Linda Holmes (Ion Overman), who also happens to be his fiancĂ©e.

While in jail, Candace encounters, Madea who dishes out wisdom and encouragement to her, all while serving as a source of comfort and strength.

At the film’s press junket in Beverly Hills, Keisha Knight Pulliam shared insight on her experience playing a prostitute--a far cry from her role as the youngest, Huxtable on The Cosby Show, “it was the biggest stretch and the hardest I’ve had to work at a character and a role, and that’s really why I took it, because I wanted that challenge. Honestly, at the end of the day, she’s [Candace] like everyone of us, it’s about choices- it was door A or door B, and sometimes when you choose door B, it will take you down a path that’s a life altering path. But I think the story behind her is we all have choices, and no matter how bad or destitute the situation is, there’s always a way back,” she says.

I had a few minor issues with character development and at times found myself wondering why Tyler did or did not make certain choices in moving the film forward. There was however, a great scene with Josh and Academy Award nominated actress, Viola Davis who played Ellen, a counselor to abused women that really stood out and struck an emotional chord.

But it was the larger than life presence of Madea that was truly delightful and tightened up laugh muscles I hadn’t used since Madea made her last on-screen appearance in Madea’s Family Reunion. Since there’s always room for improvement and I assume everyone believes that—including the proven successful Tyler Perry, I decided to enjoy Tyler’s intended purpose of the film--to make people laugh, and laugh I did- and out loud too—many times--with no restrictions.

I recommend this film to anyone who needs to LOL! See it with friends and family--in theaters only!

Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail in theaters Friday, February 20th
Film Co: Lionsgate/TPS

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rihanna Battered: Photo Surfaces on TMZ

TMZ is so saavy with their image protection, I was unable to copy/paste to my page! I so understand. Anyhoo, check out an image of Rihanna that was taken after the fight, allegedly involving entertainer, Chris Brown, please click here. Geezus!

The Roots: Take Up Residency In NYC

Spotted on

Just as The Roots will begin their gig as house band for Jimmy Fallon when he takes over “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” on NBC, the band will be playing a residency at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, beginning on March 5.

“The Roots Presents: The Jam” will run through the end of June, covering a total of 12 shows, as confirmed thus far by Pitchfork Media. The stint will be the group’s last live shows for the foreseeable future as a result of their decision to retire from touring in the wake of their new TV duties.


CREATIFF QUOTES: T-Pain & Frankie aka Keyshia Cole's Mom

Frankie on her fashion preference:

“I love Payless, the ghetto mall, and the flea market. Payless got the same thing as Louis Vuitton, except Louis Vuitton is a bigger name…”

Source: Vibe Magazine- The Style Issue/March 2009 (on stands now)

T- Pain on his soon-to-be released I-Phone, Auto-Tune application:

"It's gonna be real cool," says T-Pain. "Basically, you can add Auto-Tune to your voice and send it to your friends and put it on the Web. You'll be able to sound just like me." Asked if that might render him no longer unique, T-Pain laughs: "I'm not too worried. I got lots of tricks you ain't seen yet. It's everybody else that needs to step up their game."

Source: The Time, Inc.

details initially spotted on:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CREATIFF MUSIC: Mint Condition- "Nothing Left To Say"

The first time I heard Mint Condition's jam, "Nothing Left To Say," I was stopped at a red light bobbin' my head and raising my hands in praise over the use of live instruments. Overtaken, I wanted to jump out of the car and perform for the people in the cars next to me.

I rocked out with them at their Valentine's Day show; that's all I wanted to do, and I did.

The video clip was created by the faculty and students of Globe University/Minnesota School of Business & Digital Video and Media Production.

Mint Condition

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lil Wayne's- Party Before The Party

lil wayne & tiff @ his grammy party-2009

Last Saturday, thanks to my girl MACKDIVA, I attended Lil' Wayne's Grammy party at Hotel Montage in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Wayne, I tell ya, has carved out a special place in the music section of my heart. His current project, Tha Carter III, is a hip hop masterpiece well worthy of all the honor and recognition it has received.

No Expense Spared:

The party theme: Mardi Gras. The food: N'awlins best (omg, I had the best Jambalaya, Greens and corn muffin ever. That dag on corn muffin was ridiculously-tasty). The drinks: Free Flowing. The Atmosphere: Comfortable, Diverse, Fly & Sexy. And in honor of Wayne's smash hit single, "Lollipop," the "candy girl" light went off in my brain and I ended up bringing my own lollipops to the affair, and let's just say.... I made a whole "lotta" friends at the party because of that idea, and even convinced MACKDIVA to get involved with the sucker distribution.

Attendees were also treated to a performance by Cash Money/Universal Republic artist, Kevin Rudolph.

Congrats to Lil Wayne, Cash Money & Universal Records for your success.

Award Show Season: Lil' Wayne's Purple Carpet & Party Pics

Doing my signature "tilt my head to the right" pose.

Tiff & Paris Hilton
This party was my first time meeting her. I thought she was gracious and really sweet on the carpet. I gave her a purple lollipop but she decided she wanted to select her own color--she chose a red one. She has it in her hand but it's not visible in this shot. I dig her.

Tiff, Dawn (Danity Kane) & Mackdiva.
We tried to get her to share some behind the scenes scoop from Making The Band, but she would only give us, "February 12th," the airdate for the new season of Making the Band. I missed it! Dawn also informed me that she is currently writing songs for Cassie & Puff and that she has released an independent single to support her comic book that comes out March 2009.

Tiff & Qui (pronounced Kwee)
This new singer on the rise, Jaqui "Qui" Rice, daughter of legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice is preparing to release her debut project, Luv 'N Life, fall 2009. The first single, "Rev' It Up," features rapper David Banner. Qui describes her style as a cross between Janet Jackson & Aaliyah. Based on her two musical influences, I'd wondered if she was also open to following in her dad's footsteps to the ballroom floor and competing on Dancing With The Stars, to that shes giggles and says, "you know what, I would do it. I love dancing; it's in my soul and blood, and I get a little bit of my skill from my dad, so you may see me there."
You can check out
Grammy Award winning producers, Play 'n Skillz (Lil Wayne, Pit Bull, Chamillionaire) on the "purple carpet". We were discussing the popular use of auto-tune/vocoder. I don't have my audio of our discussion available, so I can't pull a quote, but paraphrasing, they feel it's what the people are enjoying right now and they want to give the people what they want.

Congrats on your Grammy win!

MACKDIVA, MTV's Sway, & Tiff.

Ok, so Sway did join in on my lolilipop fun, without my permission, he just walked up and grabbed a lollipop, but he didn't want to take the photo posing with it. :) C'mon!
He has one in his hand, I swear. LOL. Too funny!e And what is MACKDIVA doing? She is semi-hiding her's too. I just don't appreciate folk not following my lollipop movement. LOL.

Tiff posing w/ Jeff Blue
My boy and former co-worker, A&R Executive & producer, Jeff Blue. I love Jeff, he's a ball of energy.
Jeff is responsible for signing Macy Gray & Linkin Park.

Reggie Bush is down for the lollipop campaign.
Reggie Bush & Tiffany
FYI, Reggie is not really towering over me, I think I was standing on a step below him. LOL.
I gotta fight for my height status.

Epic Recording artist, Hodges & Tiff
This guy was a total stranger--until he wanted a lollipop. :) Turns out he's a really a cool gentleman and recording artist who is signed to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20' s, RTel label through Epic Records.
After listening to Hodges' music, I would've liked him because of his art even if I'd not met him.

Standing Next To Paris = Camera Time

Ok, I quickly learned that standing near Paris Hilton can equal unwanted camera time. We were on the red carpet, I mean, purple carpet waiting to interview and get photos of Paris, when two of her youngest fans came swarming over to get hugs and love from her. You gotta love the kids! This was really cute.

Luckily the camera caught my decent angles :)

Video courtesy of the E! Entertainment

Ronnie, thanks for the heads up on the video.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jennifer Hudson Returns- New Video

After the tragic loss of her mother, brother and nephew this past October, Jennifer Hudson returns to the music scene with her second single, produced by Brian Kennedy(Rihanna,Chris Brown), "If This Isn't Love."

I see she's been getting her weight training on as well; her arms look fantastic!