Monday, April 27, 2009

OBSESSED Tops Box Office

Congrats to OBSESSED for topping the box office charts this past weekend. According to, the movie pulled in $28.5 million in ticket sales. I tell you, this movie was one of those that you hoped would do well because you like the actors, but I just wasn't sure. I'm glad I went in with an open-mind because I came out a "Facebook status updating supporter" of the film.

Because I'm not a fan of Beyonce's acting--AT all, I was concerned about rushing out to see a film that didn't involve her drawing on to her God given gifts of singing and performing. I like her, so I always want to support the moves she makes; and of course, her leading guy, Idris Elba, has ALL of my support. All types of fine, right?

Beyonce did her thing when she brought her Sasha Fierce attitude out toward the end. I was so feeling Mrs. Beyonce's character when she stepped up and stepped- out to defend her family, go B! Oh, and the stalker girl, Ali Larter, she was nerve-rattling impressive. Check the film out if you haven't seen it.

Below you will find my actual Facebook status updates; I posted them as I sat and watched the film:

Tiffany is @ the theater watching far annoyed!


Let me clarify. The movie is worth seeing. I'm annoyed that men (some) men can't say NO!! "Some" of them make themselves available to rescue and save women and get themselves involved in [all types of ] unnecessary skullduggery.


I think y'all should see it. I just wish I were @ Magic Johnson theaters with a group of my girlfriends because this here movie requires loud outbursts and I so want to yell at the screen right now.

[Don't try to act like I'm crazy for typing such info about the Magic Johnson Theaters, I've been there, and y'all have too. ;) Shoo, I would've gone there if I were near the area].

For you musically obsessed fans like myself. If you heard the beautiful
love song in the movie during the viniettes when Idris' character Derek
was going back and forth returning his kids to the home. The song that played
was called Destiny by Zero 7. I'm so ashamed it took me to see OBSESSED before I became aware of this amazing group.

Check out their equally amazing video.

Monday, April 20, 2009


"My Insanity is My Sanity" of the many powerful quotes spoken by Mike Tyson as he journeys through his life with writer/director, James Toback (Bugsy, Harvard Man)in the documentary, TYSON.

TYSON, a Sony Pictures Classic release and winner of the Regard Knockout Award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival is solely narrated by the former champ himself. Mike recounts events and experiences starting from his childhood in Brooklyn, to his most recent troubles involving drug abuse, the fights, and all of the controversy in between; including his high-profile divorce from actress Robin Givens and his rape conviction in 1992.

Mike used no sugar to coat his honesty and delivery. Within the first 15 minutes, I was emotionally overwhelmed and wanted to hug the screen. From the film, I gathered that many of Mike's associates received a greater gain from being in his corner than he received from being Mike, the heavyweight champion. He was what people needed to advance their lives and career interests, and without reciprocity- combined with an unstable upbringing, he became a human shell of himself.

An additional highlight of the film was Mike's colorful way of using words. He used words that had a few of us navigating the internet to find their meaning; my favorite, SKULLDUGGERY (an instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick).

I strongly recommend this film and will even go the distance and suggest it as learning material for the youth. The What Not To Do's and how to avoid taking unnecessary courses at the School of Hard Knocks. The language is strong and suggestive, but the overall message will balance out Mike's graphic way of delivering his life's truth.

The film is awesome. I promise you-- no SKULLDUGGERY in this review. :)

Movie in theaters: April 24th

Movie Trailer


RED CARPET- TYSON PREMIERE rocked out on the red carpet at the premiere of TYSON held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Carmelo Anthony & LaLa's film company, Krossover Productions, produced TYSON.
Look for LaLa, along with Ricki Lake on the upcoming season of VH-1's, Charm School, set to air May 11th.

Mike Tyson shared his thoughts on the film, "It's almost like, when you've been down for so long and then brought back up- it's almost uncomfortable."

On advice he would give to Chris Brown right now, he states simply, "He'll be fine; he'll be fine."

Robert Griffith
sports commentator/former nfl player

Most memorable Tyson fight: The first Holyfield/Tyson fight.

Asked if he'd consider following in the dancing steps of previous NFL players for a spot on Dancing With The Stars, with excitement he replied, "I would tear Dancing With The Stars up." DWTS producers, reach out to him, he's up for the challenge.

Q&A w/ Mike Tyson & James Toback (Tyson, writer/director)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Urban Network Music & Marketing Conference Honors Berry Gordy

Last month, Urban Network turned 21 and celebrated at their annual conference. This year, held at the beautiful Pacific Palms resort in the City of Industry, CA (I highly recommend this resort if you are in need of a local stay-cation, beautiful)

Check out images from the convention's final gala, honoring Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

Berry Gordy
Berry Gordy with Urban Network's, CEO Miller London
Smokey Robinson joins in on the celebration for Motown founder Berry Gordy.

The crew: Former Warner Bros. Records Urban Music dept.
l-to-r: Stephanie Abdullah, Tiff, recording artist Jaheim and Dwight Bibbs

Ahhh, the memories of the way we were ! LOL!

Tiffany, Tosha Y. Thomas (VP, Urban Network), Stephanie Abdullah Chillin' with legendary publicist Lynn Allen Jeter
One of my favorite, artists manager's, David Lombard.
He's always a pleasure to work and talk with.

Stephanie Abdullah, recording artist Leigh Jones & Tiff
I like Leigh, check her out. She did a great job on remaking Debarge's, "All This Love."
Click here to listen to her music, you'll be impressed. You know I don't front on the music. Check her out.

photos courtesy of Stephanie Abdullah