Friday, June 28, 2013

New Music: Mr. Porter - Porter Chops Glasper [Free Download]

Music producer and artist, Mr. Porter, expresses his talents on his instrumental project, Porter Chops Glasper. Inspired by Grammy award winner and jazz and hip-hop influenced artist Robert Glasper; Mr. Porter uses music from Glasper that he found via Internet sites, album releases and live performances on YouTube.

Mr. Porter credits his music mentors and friends, the late Proof and J-Dilla as his early influences:
The first time I got his [J-Dilla] attention was because of the way I chopped a Minnie Ripperton sample.  The sample was very familiar.  It was actually the same sample that A Tribe Called Quest used for "Lyrics To Go." He said, ‘Wow did you hear the way he chopped it!?’  That was an accomplishment for me because I got his attention and he’s the MASTER of chops to me.
Porter Chops Glasper, also includes 2 snippets from Mr. Porter's upcoming release, NiNe.

Listen & Get Your Free download. I LOVE this project.