Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Time on The Tonight Show

Morris Day stylin'Morris & Jerome and the "must have" mirror
The Time-doin' what they do.
L.A. radio station KJLH's, Guy Black, rocks the stage with The Time
Jay Leno, Kevin Costner greet The Time
Jay Leno w/ The Time

I had an opportunity to attend a taping of the Tonight Show to watch the original members of The Time perform. Such a great performance by the fellas. The music from my childhood gets better and better everytime I hear it; and to see the artists I loved as a kid in my adult years is always a treat. Who knew such a thing could ever happen. Truly fun!!
The guys performed their classic hits, The Bird, Jungle Love and 777-9311.
If The Time comes anywhere near your town, you gotta check them out.

Solombra & Lashan, thanks for looking out on the invite.
photo credit: Me! Tiffany/Creatiff Chatter

After the Show- THE TIME

Solombra, Carla (Flyte Time), Tiff & Lashan (Scorpio Road Dawgs for Life)lol

Tiff w/The Time member & super producer, Terry Lewis
The Time's, Jerome(true to character) & Tiff
Funnyman, D.L. Hughley & Tiff after the Jay Leno show

Monday, July 21, 2008

David Banner- Tells Great Stories.

Last year I had an opportunity to attend a press listening session for David Banner's album, The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Below are a few video clips I captured from the session.

David Banner on working with Chris Brown:

David Banner on being in love.....awwww!

Sitting in a Hollywood recording studio, guests listened ever so attentively as the animated Banner played tracks from his project. During the session, he also shared his views on the climate of the music industry, love, homelessness, education and there was no stopping him on the political front.

Last, David set up an opportunity for one lucky person to win some of "his money" by playing a game called, "name that artist"..... I must say, i was the lucky one, and the $100 dollars was a pleasant surprise. Thanks David! Oh and the artist, T.I...thank you too dear. Never play musical games when I'm around. :)

Album available online and in-stores.

DJ Danna K, thanks for the video edit.

From Umbrella man to The Man-Fonzworth Bentley

WOW. Check out Fonzworth Bentley's video for his new single, EVERYBODY, starring Kanye, Andre 3000, and Sa-Ra. This video right here...This video right here. WOW!

Outside the box thinking for real. Love it.

Video Source: Kanye's blog

Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama: A President That Represents Me

Up and coming hip hop artist, Rob Jay, inspires the Obama movement with his tribute song, "President Obama Represents Me". Set to the tune of Jay-Z's, "Dead Presidents" (see original sample info below); this song gets a fist pump and 2 fist bumps (Michelle Obama style) from me.

Sample History:
Jay Z's, Dead Presidents samples
Lonnie Liston Smith's, "A Garden of Peace" recorded
in 1979.

thanks wikipedia

Rob Jay's Myspace Page

Attention: Pants Sagging Men & Potential Prison Go-ers

If you know any man or young man who is headed in the direction of prison, share this video with him before he becomes a victim.

Fellas, pull your pants up. Some people find it sexy, and it' AIN'T the ladies. Check out the video.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Puffy Poison? A Comedian Explains-FUNNIEST EVER

WARNING: This video may not be suitable for all ears if you are in a work environment; also it causes LOUD outbursts and the comedian, Maronzio Vance at times uses language that could possibly land you in the Human Resources Department. In other words, he's cussin. Comedian Style.

Please allow this video to interrupt whatever you are doing. OMG, I can't, I can't, I can't take it. I was wondering the same things as I watched Day 26 in the press room at the BET Awards. Like, what's up? Puffy, still a member of the creatiff Scorpio crew, but this here video is on point and hilarious indeed.

Thanks Rayshon!

Monday, July 14, 2008

106th & Park: What's Terrence's Beef With Rocsi?

This here clip reminds me of elementary school when the little boys would pick on the little girls they were crushing on. 3rd Grade Flashback at it's best. I wonder what Sean & Carvell are up to now.

I believe that Terrence was a bit extreme with his jokes, especially since Rocsi wasn't given him the same rhythm she normally gives him....I wonder what's gonna happen tonight. Well, no speculation over here, I guess we'll have to tune in to get the final analysis.


Gee wiz, not again. Miss USA, Crystal Stewart falls at this year's Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam during the evening gown competition. If you recall last year, title holder Rachel Smith fell at the event during the same competition. What is really going on? Miss USA 2009, whoever you are, please consider wearing flip-flops next year. Falling is nothing nice, I fell a few years ago in front of my church-my heel broke. Unlike these ladies, I had no coordination to my fall; I mean if I'd atleast looked like I was bowing down to pray my nerves would've felt better. Below is the video of Crystal Stewart falling:

Rachel Smith's fall

CREATIFF HUMOR: Kobe's Commercial Remake- Shaquilac Style-LOL

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards Red Carpet Style

Celebrating their 25th Anniversary, New Edition was honored with the Golden Note Award by ASCAP at the Rhythm & Soul Awards. A top honor, awarded to artists for their enduring and innovative contribution to Rhythm & Soul music. Indeed a well deserved honor for the Beantown Boys.

ASCAP's Rhythm & Soul Awards, an annual event held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, the day before the BET Awards also honored songwriters and publishers for their musical contributions for the year.

Below are photos from the red carpet arrivals. My angle on the carpet was to have the artists and songwriters discuss the influence New Edition had on their careers. I know they had projects to promote but most of the artists on the carpet credit New Edition for paving a way for their success so I wanted to do something creatiff. I approached the artists with questions like, "what is your favorite New Edition song, or who is your favorite member"? The idea went off well and it was very fun and funny to see artists flippin' out with excitement when asked those questions-the mood went from poised to silly fun, and ofcourse, I still asked every artist about their own personal accomplishments for the year as well as their upcoming projects. The video footage is coming soon, I promise.

New artist, Jacob Latimore.

I'm giving him the "hands on the hip" stance because he told he me would be performing Candy Girl & Cool It Now as part of the New Edition ASCAP Awards tribute. I'm like, "you betta do a good job, young man" and indeed he did.

Raheem DeVaughn straight came down the carpet in his Super Fresh hero gear...boom box and all. I think in this photo I was telling him he was my "play boyfriend in my head". I love those types of boyfriends. :) Nah, just kidding, I mean, I do like those types of boyfriends but I think I was asking him if he would shout out my site, and that it's pronounced (crea)Tiff and not (crea)Tive :)

Raheem DeVaughn chats with Creatiff Chatter

Chatting w/ Musiq Soulchild about his new single, "Radio" and his love for New Edition. He's a fan of all of the old school New Edition songs, ala, "Mr. Telephone Man".
ASCAP Winners, Lonny Bereal & Tank. Chatting about their new production company, The Military and their favorite N.E. songs, "If It Isn't Love & Can You Stand the Rain".Me & Kelly chatting about our teenage New Edition crush. She was too much fun.
O.N.E. -Excited to be in attendance at the ASCAP Awards honoring New Edition. They mentioned being inspired by BBD.
J. Holiday chats with the Chatter about his upcoming project. He also shared that his favorite New Edition song is "Can You Stand the Rain".

New Edition's ASCAP Honor & Twin Craziness

Ok, before I go any further, please meet Stephanie Abdullah, publicist for Bobby Brown, and also my "play" twin sister, seperated at birth. We nicknamed one another "Twin" because we were born in the same hospital in St. Louis, spent our early childhood across the river in E. St. Louis, moved to Cali as pre-teens, but didn't meet one another until 7 years ago.

Stef and I have lived extremely similar lives before meeting-still do actually. The situation is so bizarre it would really take another blog to go into more details. Twin craziness at its best! Tiffany & Stephanie, oh, and don't even get me started on our name similarity and the same guys we've gone out with....such another blog for another time. By the way, she's the older twin. (Ha, Ha)

Photos of me and Twin at the ASCAP Awards honoring the best boy band since the Jacksons, New Edition.

My attendance to the actual event was made possible because of her. Thanks for looking out. Oh and a just because "thank you" always to New Edition's manager, Brooke Payne for your willingness to make sure I'm straight for any and all things New Edition. We'll work the red carpet angle out a different way, next time.
Tiff, Ronnie & Steph
Steph, Johnny, & Tiff
New Edition w/their ASCAP Award
New Edition with Maurice Starr, Brooke Payne & Tommy Brown

All pictures courtesy of Stephanie Abdullah.

Skating with SOUL FOOD

Soul Food Presents: Bounce, Rock & Rollerskate.

A monthly event in LaLa land put on by Music Executives, Radio Personalities and Mix Show DJ's at the world famous World on Wheels skating rink. I love all of the Soul Food Presents events.

A refreshing group of professional entertainment executives- keeping the fun alive. Their events bring out good people who love rockin' out. One of my favorite DJ's, Sketch, always plays my favorite skate song, "Anything" by SWV feat. WuTang, he's for sure alright with me.

Tiff w/ The Specialist & Soul Food Providers (June Soul Food event)

One of my favorite music execs, Jive Records's Roddy Rod aka (Morgan's Dad) & Tiff (June Soul Food Event) Rod, I need another Usher CD.
Lashan & Tiff striking a pose at last month's skating jam. I love what my arms are looking like since I've been doing the eliptical machine...whoo hoo. (June Soul Food Event)
The adorable Simmons Sisters were in the house. My former size C cups runneth over. Next time I'll have to sit up straight and make sure my shirt is pulled allll the way up. An inexpensive way to get the breast implant look- keep eating cookies and cakes....and wear the shirts you used to wear before you gained the extra everytime. Again, I've been working it out on the eliptical. Fellas-save your comments. :) Thanks. (June Soul Food event)Tiff, Rayshon & Dianell-Skating Girls. Thanks Rayshon for being that extra support while skating. I know my non skating tail was about to meet the floor a few times. I can make it happen in some rollerblades though. (July's Soul Food event)

Cool IT Now-A New Edition of the Clippers w/ Baron Davis

Congrats to the Clippers on the B.Davis signing. Check out this video clip below. It sums up all of my blog postings today. Skating & New Edition...isn't it ironic. This video is totally new to me. Reebok Entertainment presents: Baron Davis in "One Shot". Thanks Kasey!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CREATIFF CHATTER-Red Carpet Style from the BET Awards

CREATIFF CHATTER hits the red carpet, this time with a video camera and microphone. Kissed by the hot, hot sun. I put a baseball cap on, ditched the heels, rocked out in some sneakers and made it work on the carpet nevertheless.

Casual, comfy and cute was my theme for the afternoon.

Check out some of the photos below. Video footage coming soon!

I got by with a "lotta" help from my friend, Danna. It was a pleasure helping you, thanks for helping me and supporting
my vision.

BET's College Hill Atlanta Cast
They are the next best thing in R&B, BRUTHA. I'm so impressed.
Cheesin' with Def Jam artist, BRUTHA
The always hilarious, J. Anthony Brown.
Still trying to figure out the color of his suit. :) :) ATL's Small Change
The artist responsible for the hit single, The River, Noel Gourdin.
He was one of my highlights from the carpet, so happy to chat with him.

Steph Jones-an artist with his own movement, he waits for no one.
Tiff with Steph Jones


tiff & ewf's phillip bailey
tiff & ewf's verdine white

Earth, Wind & Fire, a group one must see atleast once in a lifetime. I attended their L.A. show at the Greek Theater a few weekends ago and it's always a pleasure witnessing the musical magic they make on stage. I have yet to feel "grown" in my adult years, not really sure what it feels like, but when I attend one of their shows I think I'm grown. LOL. I guess because I was exposed to the group as a kid, so when I hear their songs I start doing those "Auntie" dance moves from the 70's. Pure fun. One of the highlights for me is seeing and interacting with their diverse audience and dancing next to people who rock out to a rhythm totally different from mine. People need an escape and just want to feel good and catching an Earth Wind and Fire show- outside on a summer night- under the stars- happens to be a great remedy.

When you feel down and out
Sing a song, it'll make your day
Heres a time to shout
Sing a song, it'll make a way
Sometimes its hard to care
Sing a song, it'll make your day
A smile so hard to bear
Sing a song, it'll make a way

(Excerpt from Sing a Song-Earth Wind and Fire)

Eric Benet- Rockin' Out With His Shoes On

photo courtesy: mac alexander photography

Radio statio KJLH celebrated the birthday's of 2 of their very own, Aundrae Russell and Kevin Nash. The birthday celebration was highlighted with a performance by Eric Benet.

Can I just say, this man is fine-like super duper fine. Talk about being in awe of a man's beauty. Eric looks as if he's gone or is going through a positive life transformation and the results look like inner peace.

Eric performed a few new songs from his soon to be released project, Love & Life (due September 9th). The one in particular that stood out to me was, "Chocolate Legs"............All I can say is, "Warner Brothers, this has to be a single, it's a must". A beautiful, sexy, romantic song that is sure to have the ladies talkin'. If "Chocolate Legs" turns out to be the best song on the album, it's so worth buying. Also, Eric's voice was next level; he was hitting notes ala El Debarge- I didn't know he could go there. I'm so excited for Eric's return to the scene.

Additional songs performed, You're The Only One, Georgy Porgy, Femininity, Spend My Life With You, featuring his amazing background vocalist, Belle Johnson. Belle was the only background singer on the stage, this girl held it down and her voice was heavenly. Eric's show was my first introduction to her, and I'm sure not the last. Please google her or click here for her Myspace page.

above photo courtesy of mac alexander photography

tiff and eric

belle johnson (eric's background vocalist) check her out,

tiff & crazy comedienne luenell. she was backstage regulating. she didn't want anyone near her "man" eric. loved her.