Friday, September 28, 2007

Writer/Editor Amy Dubois Barnett's Book Release Party

A party was held at SoHo Grand NY for writer/editor, Amy DuBois Barnett's release of GET YOURS!: The Girlfriends Guide To Having Everything You've Dreamed of and More. Celebs and entertainment industry professionals came out to show their support for the release of her book.

Gayle King, Amy Dubois Barnett & Warner Music Group's, Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles & Jaheim

Jaheim (miss you....come back please)

King Magazine's Datwon Thomas, BET's Stephen Hill w/ Kevin Liles

Above photos courtesy of Johnny Nunez/Wireimage

Check out the Barnes & Nobles review of GET YOURS.... below

(Book Review Here)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Usher's NYC Fragrance Appearance

Extra handsome looking Usher made an appearance in NYC at Macy's Herald Square to promote his new Usher for Men & Usher for Women fragrance.

Cute Couple Alert: J. Holiday & Jessica White

I received images of the new hot R&B prince, J. Holiday out with model Jessica White. The couple was spotted leaving the New York restaurant, Negril. In no way was the date a Hell Date. According to the source, they had a very romantic evening out, and J. was spotted feeding and caressing her.

Crank Dat w/ Bambi

Wow, I didn't see this coming. Everybody Crankin' these days, huh? I consider myself to be a pretty fly dancer but for some reason I keep bumping into people and other objects while attempting this dance.

Y'all have to check this Crank Cartoon out...too funny. Thanks Teal.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justin Timberlake: Until The End of Time feat Beyonce

Check out the remix single of Justin Timberlake's, Until the End of Time featuring Ms. Beyonce. I'm loving her soulful vocal styling on this song-kinda reminds me of her early DC days.

This track will be featured on Justin's Deluxe CD, set to be released later this year.

Rod thanks for sending!

(Listen Here)

UPDATE: Chaka Khan & Be Be Winans Joins Cast of Color Purple

This is a follow up to my blog posted yesterday regarding cast changes in the Broadway production of The Color Purple.

Chaka Khan is confirmed to play, Sophia.

Be Be Winans will play the role of her husband, Harpo.

American Idol semi-finalist Lekisha Jones will play the Church Soloist as well as Sophia in all of the matinee shows of the production.

Oprah needs to stamp my frequent visitor's card because I've seen the Broadway production 3 times, and I guess I'll see it again with the new cast.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

USHER's Fragrance Launch Party

Usher's Launch party for his fragrance, Usher for Men & Usher for Women went down last night in New York city.

Usher arrives at his Usher Fragrance Launch party in New York City

Usher w/mom Jonetta at his fragrance launch party.

Usher & Beyonce

Beyonce, Usher's Mom Jonetta & Usher

Fonzworth, Usher, AJ Calloway & Jermaine Dupri

Sex and The City: The Movie Pics

Here are pics of Jennifer Hudson on the set of Sex and the City. Jennifer has been cast as Carrie's assistant in the film.

New Video: Ne-Yo Can We Chill

Wow, loving the song but not feeling the video at all. This jam is my favorite song off of his Because of You release but the video would've been fresh with a dance sequence.

Color Purple Broadway: New Celebs Cast

As many know, Fantasia's run of Celie will come to an end in January. Jawn Murray over at AOL Black Voices is reporting that Chaka Khan, Be Be Winans and American Idol semi-finalists, Lekisha Jones are set to join the cast at the top of the year.

An official announcement is scheduled to be made tomorrow.

Beyonce - American Express commercial (FULL)

Beyonce's commercial for the American Express, "Are You a Card Member" campaign started airing last night as part of network t.v.'s premiere week. The commercial was directed by video/film director, Paul Hunter.

So love this commercial.

Monday, September 24, 2007

BET News Presents: Hip Hop vs America

Last week I attended a BET Screening for Hip Hop vs. America, a 3 part BET News special addressing the present state of Hip Hop. A well balanced forum and panel I must say. I believe everyone will hear a representation of their own voice by the one or more of the panelists. Some of the guests will include, recording artists T.I, Nelly, Master P, & MC Lyte, journalists, Kim Osorio, Stanley Crouch, & Diane Weathers, professor Michael Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, video director Benny Boom and cultural critic Nelson George. Part 1 of the series will air tonight at 8pm.
Air Dates & Times:
Part 1: Tuesday, Sept 25

Part 2: Wednesday, Sept 26

Part 3: Online on BET's ON Blast immediately following Part 2.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kool Moe Dee New TV Talk Show

Legendary rapper Kool Moe Dee hosts Spitfire; a weekly talk show dedicated to the culture of Hip Hop. The show can be viewed on IAMHIPHOP.COM and tapes every Tuesday in Los Angeles. This week's (Sept 25) scheduled guests include: Doug E. Fresh, Xzibit, and Crazy Legs of The Rock Steady Crew. I heard the show earlier this week was crazy good and it featured Melle Mel, Grand Master Caz and Soren Baker, (Executive Chief of The Source Magazine). If you're interested in attending any upcoming shows, you must RSVP to:

Show Details:
Studio 52
5299 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(between Labrea & Fairfax)
Doors Open: 5:30PM
Show Time: 7:30PM

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Sales Finals according to Soundscan:

#1-Kanye- 957,000
#2 Fiddy- 460,000
#3 Kenny Chesney-387,000

As expected, Kanye rolled in at # 1 on the sales charts. I haven't received the soundscan report, but the cd sales watch dog, Hits Magazine have rounded out Kanye's sales to 930,000 with Fiddy coming in around 660K. Shouts out to country singer Kenny Chesney who rolled in at #3 with 400K.
Someone owes me some serious money on this situation.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Journalist's Open Letter to Beyonce'- Subject: Over Saturation

Jawn Murray over at AOL Black Voices issues an open letter to Beyonce concerning over-saturation of her artistry in the marketplace as well as her brand.

Here's an excerpt from his letter:

......"I recently became concerned when I heard that you intend to go back into the studio come November and plan to release a new album next summer. That's really disturbing to me.If you take the time look those artists and musicians who are master's of their craft, you will see that most of them take a few years off between projects to (1) rejuvenate and find inspiration for their next endeavor and (2) not over-saturate the marketplace. You are without a doubt teetering on the brink of over-saturation and I wanted to 'Ring the Alarm' before you become an industry bug-a-boo!As an entertainment professional who respects your hustle, I tip my hat to your gifts and salute your accomplishments. I know its not just me, myself and I who feels that if I see you on another magazine cover or hear you give another blah acceptance speech at an award show anytime soon, I'll 'Lose My Breath' and be full of 'Resentment.' "

Check out the letter in full here

Top Things Fiddy Will Say At His Retirement Party about Kanye

50 cent has made mention he would retire if Kanye outsells him in the first week of their album release. Well, I came up with a few things he will say his retirement party:

Kanye had his best sales week ever....If It wasn't for me
he wouldn't have ever seen this many numbers in sales for
the first week.

Oh, Def Jam bought all those records(he's already said this but will say it again)

Watch what happens to Kanye's sales the next week. What's important is the
2nd week's sales because Def Jam buys all of their artist's records the first week.(he said this too but will remind us again & again)

Kanye needs to thank me because I'm making him.

He needed his "big brother Jay Z" to help him win the battle.
When I was on 106 & Park, I didn't bring out any surprise guests.

Vitamin Water Vitamin Water Vitamin Water(equivalent to Puffy's, Take That, Take That)

Thanks Ye & Fiddy-Y'all Made the Music Biz Fun Again

Thanks Kanye and Fiddy for bringing some excitement to the music industry. Thanks for shaking things up a bit. My ears are so excited. Sales predictions according to Hits Magazine have Kanye in 1st place, predicting first week sales numbers close to 800,000+ with Fiddy in 2nd at
around 600,000 and country star Kenny Chesney at 450,000.

Who I spent my money on:

Kanye- Always lovin' Ye. I feel inspired when his cd's are released. He has a movement everytime. His music moves my brain...loving the similes and metaphors, Ye!

Loving Fiddy's, "I Get Money". Such the hot jam right now.

I got a bet going on with a certain someone that Ye's sales would exceed Fiddy's, and according to all of these music insider's predictions, I'm winning. I need to win because losing would mean I'd have to pay my debt back in monthly installments. I'll keep y'all posted and if this person doesn't pay me....hmmm, I'll think of something.

I so hope that Fiddy doesn't get the bright idea to go and buy his own cd's to catch up to Kanye...that would really mess up my bet.

Congrats to Jamie Foxx-A Star for a Star

Jamie Foxx received his well earned and deserved star this past Friday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He received the 2,347th star on the famous BLVD. Congrats to Jamie.

On another note, there are 6 guys who are a part of New Edition who will celebrate their 25th Anniversary in the year 2008. They certainly deserve a star and they have not been approved by the "star committee" as of yet. WHAT!!!! I will be using my voice, my words, and "my whatever is legal" to assist in getting them a star, but right now this post is to give congrats to Jamie but please look forward to my "New Edition deserves a Star Campaign". Do I have to make one of those videos in front of a "sheet curtain" like Britney's #1 fan? I sure will make one of those to get the number one boy band since the Jacksons a star.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bombay Sapphire Honors India.Arie in ATL

india.arie arrives
india. arie w/ amazing singer songwriter pj morton (check out his myspace, I linked it for you)

monica arrives

bobby valentino performs

The Bombay Sapphire "Inspired In Atlanta" party took place this weekend in ATL with India.Arie as its special honoree. Atlanta's own, Monica & Bobby Valentino performed along with one of the best underground soul artist, PJ Morton. Do your mind, body & soul a favor and check out PJ Morton's Myspace music page. He's so awesome. Stay tuned for his talents, and if his live show rolls anywhere near your town.... check it out.

Britney's #1 Fan on Jimmy Kimmel

In case you missed it, Britney's #1 fan clownin', on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week.

He tries to clown Jimmy's girl comedienne Sarah Silverman. I can't wait to hear Sarah's comeback jokes.
I know there's a show brewin' for this chil'. He's a riot!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kanye Got His Money Right

The Insider has made available Kanye's backstage breakdown. Basing facts on my Psychology Degree earned from the School of Hard Knocks, his behavior is that of a person who certainly "got their money riiiight". He is not in between pay checks. When you're in between checks you gotta start stacking them first and practicing what you're gonna say. Not Ye.

I feel him on some of his expressions, but Britney opening the show made sense, she just didn't "bring it".

Kanye, I bought your cd and your 106th & Park performance was HOT! So, feel better!

See you at the top!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

50 Cent/Kanye West Rolling Stone Mag Cover Revealed

This is really goin' down. I am so loving the hype and shenanigans surrounding this upcoming Hip Hop Bout. If I had 11-Dollars to spend on 1 CD, and I was in TARGET the week Ye and Fiddy were on sale for 9.99, I would put my money on Ye. I got a feeling the race is gonna be close between the artists because people will probably buy both. 20+Dollars to be a part of the Hip Hop History Hype isn't so bad.

If you're not into the hype and you want to check out other musical tunes and genres, your options are: B5, Kenny Chesney, Jagged Edge, Pit Bull, Kenna, Top Dollar, and Trisha Yearwood.

Rolling Stone Mag also has behind the scenes footage of the two contenders during the photoshoot. Check it out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Whoa! Report: Shaquille O'Neal Files For Divorce

Yesterday was the happy couple report, and now my divorce court report:

"Months after his on-court image took a beating when the Heat was swept out of the first-round of the NBA playoffs, center Shaquille O'Neal is acknowledging a fractured personal life.

Coral Gables-based attorney Ira Elegant confirmed Tuesday that the affable 7-foot-1 center has filed for divorce from Shaunie, his wife of five years and a constant at his side during the three seasons he has spent in South Florida.

"She was served today," Elegant said.


Photo: AP File Photo

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

UPDATE: Halle's Having a Baby

Halle confirmed to Access Hollywood, that she and her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubrey are expecting and that she is 3 months along. (SOURCE) Congrats to the couple.

We may have to add Halle to the Hot Mama's over 40 List. Halle's reps were not reached....just those good ole' "reliable" sources.

"TMZ has learned that producers of the upcoming Lionsgate film "Tulia" have scrapped plans to start filming in October -- as the film's star, Halle Berry, is three months pregnant!"


No Trial In Sight for R'rah-Postponed Again

WOW! I'm not surprised. The Chicago Sun-TImes reports that R. Kelly's trial date has been postponed, again. The judge doesn't really elaborate on reasons, but there's no trial in sight as of now. I think the judge wanted to finish watching Trapped in the Closet Chapter 13-22 first. He was on only on chapter 15.


Weekend Tidbits

Hey Peeps, I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend. My weekend was cool; well not cool because I was in L.A. and if anyone was near L.A. over this Labor Day weekend you probably suffered from over exposure to the heat, frustration from the heat and confusion from the heat. The heat was just WRONG; too wrong to even Blog. I also drove through one too many power outages due to the over use of electricity, conserve energy, no way, not this past weekend. It was actually so hot out in L.A., I seriously lost my mind in the wardrobe dept. One of the outfits I wore, I should've been talked about, I mean like "why is she wearing that" type of "talk about". Y'all know how you see that girl or a group of them out at events usually like concerts or outdoor type festivals there's always a chance someone will be pieced up in a dress that could easily pass for a baby tee. Well, I now want to issue an apology to all those women I've made comments about because I know you all were rockin' those fits because you were just hot from the heat.... Shooo, that's how I felt this weekend. I wore something that would've gone over very well at the beach, except I was in Inglewood....but I was so cool.

Other weekend highlights: I attended Stax Records 50Th Anniversary Concert at the California African American Museum (blog posting coming soon) TARGET, one of the events sponsors gave away Hula Hoops to those in attendance. Remember those? OMG, back down memory lane for real, and I certainly got my hula hoop on. And no, I wasn't wearing the previously mentioned outfit.....stop it....stop it.

50 Spoofs Rolling Stone Cover

Both Fiddy and Ye will appear on the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. I still don't have a verdict in the hype for # 1, but I know one thing, 5-0 is really keeping it exciting with all of his dramatics and antics. Above is his version of the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Craziness!! (Image obtained from MISSINFO)

USHER's REAL Wedding

After date and location changes, Usher and his bride Tameka exchanged vows again, this time in front of approximately 200 wedding guests over this Labor Day weekend. The wedding took place at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort about an hour away from Atlanta. Sincere congrats to the couple.


Congrats to D-Nice and Malinda Williams

Jawn Murray over at AOL Black Voices is reporting that they became engaged last week. The two have been my favorite couple ever since I became a Myspace friend of D-Nice. He adores her and never misses an opportunity to let us know. Check out his page. He shares inspirational life stories and captivating images on his space. All the best and blessings to them.(Source)