Friday, August 27, 2010

Married Couples Dance Ministry

OMGosh! I love, LOVE. And I love Dancing. If you put them both together, with dedication and commitment you get the Trinity UCC Dance Ministry's celebration of love performance. Wiping tears. Check it out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

CREATIFF SPOOF: Stealing Antoine's Tithe Money

This is one of the best Antoine Dodson spoofs I've yet to see. I got a crook in my neck from LOLing so hard.

What's really goin' on in Huntsville, Alabama?!

Sent by: Mr. Spencer

CREATIFF HUMOR: Old Man Struttin'

Yo! First, let me warn those who are easily offended by the random usage of cussin'; you may not want to watch this hilarious video. For the rest of us, OMGosh! Just some random funny stuff. I tell ya, the non-celebs are really the celebs. Funny without effort.

Sent by: Mr. Spencer

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CREATIFF TALENTS: Kareem Rush (I had no idea)

I first saw this video on VH-1 Soul (love the channel) a few weeks ago. What I saw was an attractive man singing in a classy video, so I paid attention. I thought for sure the video was old and that I missed it during my non-having cable days, so I waited with excitement for the video chyron to appear and it read, KAREEM RUSH. Kareem Rush as in former L.A. Lakers Kareem Rush?? I was all a buzz and went on a serious google search for more details and discovered that he is just as passionate about singing as basketball.

And since he was waived from the Clippers due to a torn ACL, he has some time to showcase his additional talents. I'm sure the ladies are happy!

Connect with Kareem

CREATIFF Flow: Acoustic Freestyle Jam w/ R. Kelly

This video is old by Internet viral standards, about 3-weeks, but I wanted to view it again for creative purposes, and decided to share it just in case there may be 1 individual who hasn't seen it.

A visual of creativity & randomness colliding. Check out R.Kelly hanging out on the set of Transformers 3 w/ Tyrese, and Babyface's latest signee, Leon Timbo. I think we better get ready for the force of Leon. That boy bad!

On another note, it's really good to see R. Kelly in this creative space. This is classic!

Thanks, French!