Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creatiff Dancing: Surprise Wedding Dance- Very Cute

You know what, I am so not mad at these people for this wedding dance.

You have to watch the entire video.

New Music: Usher Remix-Love In This Club feat. Beyonce & Lil Wayne

Thanks Roddy Rod

Monday, April 21, 2008


Tiff: Stephen A. Smith, my favorite sports journalist is ranting about the NBA Playoffs. I love this dude. This is my real talk journalist here.

Anyhoo, I gotta go look for my #34 Lakers jersey, :) see Stephen's rants below:

(I jacked this from Stephen's blog-


Celtics vs. Hawks: This series ends in 4 games.

*Boston has the talent, experience and the common sense to avoid talking trash to a superior foe, which is more than anyone can say about Josh Childress and Josh Smith. Their vows about "making history" officially goes down as the dumbest comments of the postseason.

Pistons vs. Sixers: Pistons in 5

*Detroit is too focused, too motivated and much too tired of watching others play in the NBA Finals. Whether they get there or not is irrelevant at this time. Just know Philadelphia won't do a thing to stop them, other than having one good night.

Magic vs. Raptors: Magic in 7

*This will be a highly competitive series. Toronto has a lot of skilled players, although they are a bit too soft for comfort. Problem: They don't have Dwight Howard, nor do they have home-court advantage.

Wizards vs. Cavs: Wizards in 6

*LeBron...LeBron...LeBron. I'm just not feeling it this year. Of course, it's not because of him. I'm just not sold on the idea that Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Wally Szczerbiak have gelled well enough yet.

Plus, I truly believe Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison can be lethal, especially against the Cavs. And don't sleep on Brendan Haywood. If he gives you anything in this series, it's enough.


Lakers vs. Nuggets: Lakers in 7

*Based on the way the Nuggets have played defense for a majority of this season, they don't deserve the benefit of anyone assuming they'll last 7 games vs. the Lakers. But when you have Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony averaging 53 points per game, how can you not? Still, Kobe is Kobe. Pau Gasol has helped elevate everyone, and the Lakers are just a more disciplined bunch. Besides, we all know where I want to be once June rolls around.

Hornets vs Mavs: Mavs in 6

*Chris Paul is my runner-up for league-MVP honors. Byron Scott is my runner-up for Coach-of-the-Year honors, and New Orleans has had a great year. But they're still young and unproven, totally reliant on perimeter shots, and the Mavs -- especially with the arrival of Jason Kidd -- should be too experienced to fall to these Hornets this year.

Spurs vs. Suns: Spurs in 7

*Once upon a time, it was practically a religion to bet on Shaq. That was my rule: never bet against the Big Fella. But this is a different day. The Spurs, with all their offensive problems, can D-up anybody. They still have Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. And a Game 7 would be on their home floor. If I'm wrong, I won't cry about it, but I've got to pick San Antonio here.

Jazz vs. Rockets: Jazz in 6

*I'm convinced some kind of black cat is following Tracy McGrady around. There's no other explanation for all the bad luck he's experienced throughout his career, and there's no other excuse as to why his bonafide superstar talents have never been displayed anywhere beyond the first round of the playoffs. Yet, despite Utah's atrocious road record, Houston doesn't have Yao Ming, which means they, virtually, have no chance. So McGrady's season will end in April. Again!

To continue reading Stephen's entire post on this subject, click here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kanye West Ends Engagement

Jawn Murray of AOL Black Voices is reporting the break up of Kanye West and his fashion designer fiancee', Alexis Phifer. Kanye recently posted a blog on his website commenting on his mother and not being able to love. Click here for Jawn Murray's detailed report on the break up and visit Kanye's ever so interesting blog.

Break-ups can be the worse at times, so I wish the two of them peace and hope they find the best happiness for them in the future.

VH1 Celebrates NEW EDITION 25 Years w/ Weekend Long Video Specials.

Tiff: Truly a New Edition supporter's dream weekend.

VH1 Soul brings you the premiere of "Soul Story: Bobby Brown"
as part of "New Edition Weekend" to celebrate the 25th anniversary
of New Edition's debut album Candy girl.

"Soul Story: Bobby Brown" and "New Edition Weekend"

Premieres Exclusively On VH1 Soul Friday, April 25 Beginning 8AM*

NEW YORK, NY April 17, 2008 – In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of New Edition's debut album Candy Girl, VH1 Soul presents "New Edition Weekend," a weekend full of special programming and videos by the Boston bred boy band. Bursting onto the scene in 1983, New Edition became a pop phenomenon when they were discovered by writer/producer Maurice Starr, in hopes of launching a Jackson 5 phenomenon for the '80s. The New Edition story continued to reach new heights with several solo projects from various group members, including break-out member Bobby Brown, the self proclaimed "King of R&B." Bobby broke from the group in 1986 and rose to R&B superstardom as a solo artist. The weekend will include the VH1 Soul premiere of "Soul Story: Bobby Brown," which celebrates the solo career of Bobby Brown through a timeline sequence of his videos, along with a new and never-before-seen interview, on Friday, April 25 at 7PM*.

"New Edition Weekend" premieres on VH1 Soul Friday, April 25 beginning 8AM*.

The weekend will be comprised of the following:

· New Edition Video Block – Airs April 25 beginning at 8am*

· Behind The Music: New Edition – Airs April 25 beginning at 10am*

· Urban Soul documentary – Airs April 25 beginning at 12pm*

· "Soul Story: Bobby Brown" – Premieres Friday, April 25 at 7pm*

*Each special will air through-out the entire weekend

(source: VH1 Press)

Melanie, THANKS a million times for getting this info to me.

CLASSIC FLASHBACK: New Edition - Candy Girl (LIVE) '83

WOW!!! This is just too much for my soul right here. I should be sound asleep at this hour, but I ran across this here New Edition performance and I'm just up going down the memory lane of pimples and bad hair do's.

Lisa, girrrrrl remember we would stay up late watching these videos at your house on the VHS tapes??

Great times.

New Edition w/Bobby Brown - LIVE Medley- BET 25

Check out their live performance on BET's 25th Anniversary. No one today is rockin' it out like the New Edition fellas....the reason why they are the best damned boy band since the Jacksons.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zo Williams: Foxxhole's Voice Of Reason

Tune in to the voice of reason TONIGHT, on Sirius satellite radio The Foxxhole, Channel 106 at 7pm (pst)/10pm (est). Tonight's topic is called "behavior as the liar, the anatomy of a cheater". The call-in number is 877-2-106106 that 877-2-106106.

Get the Zo experience. Get with the movement.

Sirius is offering a 3day free subscription to listen online. Sign up through

How To Fight A Traffic Ticket

Geez, I received my 2nd moving violation recently. The first, when I was 18, and most recently, by a darn camera. I'm still mad about it. I mean, atleast if I'd received the ticket from a male officer I could tried smiling or batting my eyes a bit in an attempt to get out of it, but a camera.

Here are some tips that could possibly help you avoid an appearance in court for the red light you know you ran straight through, as well as other violations.

Mel Leiding, an attorney from Anaheim, California and author of a 53-page guide titled "How to Fight Your Traffic Ticket and Win," says he would rather be mugged than get a traffic ticket. Why? Getting mugged is faster, cheaper and has no long-term repercussions, such as increased insurance premiums, loss of a license or being forced to attend traffic school. According to, millions of traffic tickets are issued annually in the United States with many tickets costing $100 or higher. It's a billion dollar business. If you pay the ticket by mail, you're admitting guilt and will pay the maximum fine. In addition, the ticket will be part of your DMV record for three years. Here are the only two legitimate ways you might be able to wiggle out of it. The key word is "might." Good luck! (continue)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making It in the Music Industry 101-The New Curriculum by Erykah Badu

Goodness gracious. I was breezing by Natasha's YBF site this morning and spotted this video of Ms. Erykah offering sound advice on the Do's of having a successful music industry career.

You know she's bringin' it like only Erykah can....Geez! LOL funny!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Light Skinned Flashback: Christopher Williams on MTV's Uptown Unplugged

After running into Garfield Bright of Shai last week, I had a flashback to the hot 90's music scene and the gorgeous men who would kill the ladies softly with their songs, and looks too.

You can flashback with me. Here's a clip of Christopher Williams during his performance on Uptown Unplugged, taped back in '93.

IAMHIPHOP.COM PRESENTS: SpitFire with Kool Moe Dee

Finally, clips from the IAMHIPHOP movement. Are y'all ready? Late last year I was flooding people's in-boxes with invites to's weekly SPITFIRE show, hosted by the always thought provoking, knowledge kickin' rap pioneer, Kool Moe Dee. I observed the show as being a cross between Politically Incorrect and Meet The Press, with flavorings of "all things hip hop".

According to Moe Dee, the show has been picked up by a cable network (which will be named soon) and the shows are being prepared to air in the near future. Yes, the movement must be televised, anything else would be uncivilized....Uhh oh, check out my melody.... LOL. Watch the clip.

Visit to stay connected to the movement.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kids Like "Good" Music Too- Watch Them Rock Out.

This is what happens when children gather together to rock out to good music-only one member of the crew manages to do the "booty dance", as opposed to "all" of the them. You know you've attended a kid's bday party and witnessed them happily demonstrate "drop it like it's hot 2008", with no shame. This music doesn't even come close to inspiring them to do such a thang.

Seriously, I adore this clip. This clip was recorded by a kindergarten teacher, who allowed her children to express themselves to the tune of PJ Morton's, How We Were.

Kids want the feel good music too.

Preview music from PJ's upcoming cd via his Myspace me some him.

PJ Morton - Live in Nashville

Celebrating the spirit of the Independent Artist. Time to put the spotlight on Mr. PJ Morton. Check out his live performance in Nashville.

If you need to refill your musical prescription for that bad nerve you've developed for accidental exposure to uninspired music, don't fret, there are some serious options available, and PJ is certainly one of them.

Check out his Myspace page to preview songs from his upcoming CD, LUAP NOTROM

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dallas Austin's L.A. Clothing Line Launch

The ROWDY Collection is primarily a fusion of punk and prep influences, with a distinctive European militant touch. The collection's tagline, "Rowdy, King of All Angels" was inspired by Austin's adopted philosophy of the fallen angel, who found his own strength after being cast from heaven and transforming himself into a villain of good. After discovering his true warrior within, the angel proved himself to God and became the King of All Angels.

The collection, with pieces ranging from $70.00 to $300.00, was conceived by Dallas Austin and Gregory "Greg Mike" Mensching, Creative Director of the renowned Atlanta based fashion design, consulting and product development powerhouse CI Group. The ROWDY Collection will arrive in specialty boutiques and stores throughout the country in 2008.

Check out photos from the Los Angeles Launch-held at Lisa Kline's Mens Store.

Rowdy Collection

Loved, loved this shirt

My favorite shirt again

Brody Jenner & Melanie Winns (omg, if you all knew what happened before she took this photo with him...LOL)

TIff & Brody. So glad Melanie was in the house because I had no clue who he was...I've never watched the Hills, but he was nice and he's for sure a cutey

Checking out the Rowdy Gear. Check out super publicist Stephanie Abdullah(front), she's sizing up the shirt for some guy I bet, uhh huh..
Uhh Oh, she found the perfect fit...I wonder who's gonna get this shirt.

Dallas Austin & Celebrity Stylist Bernard Jacobs...he's such a star!

Dallas Austin & John Salley

Blast from the Past: Everybody's favorite Shai member, Garfield Bright & Tiffany. Wait 'til you find out what's going on in his world...
(very impressive.)
That's a future post, stay tuned....he's still fine.

Super Stylist Bernard Jacobs took time out from being fab to pose with lil' ole me.
The Ladies... The Ladies.. Stephanie, Melanie (40th side Productions), Felicia (Interscope/Geffen) Tiff, Fairley (Interscope/Geffen)


Ok, so what really made me chuckle about this photo was the change in the plate. People were really trying to assist, huh? LOL! (Pete, thanks for sending)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Remembering MLK- 40 Years After His Assassination

I am overwhelmed by this man's leadership and fearlessness. A few years ago, I visited Atlanta during the month of February. I decided since I was there during Black History Month I would take a tour of the King Center. An amazing experience it was. The most moving part of my tour was when I visited Dr. King's house of worship, Ebenezer Church. I sat on one of the benches, alone, in the back of the church for over an hour listening to many of MLK's sermons that were being played over the speakers. An overwhelming moment it was for me-hearing his voice within the same walls where he'd encouraged others before me to overcome.

So much accomplished before the age of 40. What a movement! I so get his dream-I walk in it.

Beyonce and Jay Z's Play by Play Wedding (Alleged) Plans

Sincerely one of my favorite couples. I so hope this story is true. See below's minute by minute update on their possible nuptials-scheduled to go down tonight.

YBF New York correspondents are currently on the scene around 195 Hudson St. (Jay-Z’s place) which is the rumored place Beyonce & Jay-Z wedding festivities are going down today. It’s a paprazzi and media zoo to the utmost power down there and we’ve definitely found out some interesting tidbits. Here’s what YBF has seen and heard so far while on the scene:

Around 5p est today, a black SUV with full tinted windows flew through the crowd of media to enter the building’s garage. Only one paparazzo landed a pic of the unconfirmed woman inside. But she was by herself and purposely covering her face with a black and silver “Dereon like” hoodie. Another person was spotted entering the building who resembled Irv Gotti.
20 minutes later 8 black SUVs of the same kind exited the garage one right after the other. All SUVs were empty. Word on the street (from an unreliable source) was that the wedding was over and had taken place in a different location (continue)