Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Times w/ Debarge

I really had Debarge on the brain this week. I am still sad about their family's troubles, so to make myself smile I went searching for some fun footage from them. I found this Solid Gold performance of Rhythm of the Night. Love love it. Feel good music!

No Biggie for Sean Kingston

I'd heard several reports that Sean Kingston would play the role of BIGGIE in the B.I.G. Biopic. Vibe Magazine is now reporting that Miss Info received confirmed word from the film's executive producer and B.I.G's former manager, Wayne Barrow that no individual has been cast to play BIGGIE! (SOURCE)

Here's my opinion: Ok, I was scratching my weave tracks earlier when I heard Sean landed the role, and then I started to say, "well, I guess based on his physical make-up he could play B.I.G. He'd really have to pull us away from his Beautiful Girls image, but okay". I mean, I couldn't picture Larenz Tate playing a thug either but he rocked that role in Menace to Society. I was really afraid of him after that movie. Honestly, I really think Sean Kingston has in fact secured the role, but he just wasn't supposed to reveal it. He's a new artist and he hasn't learned the politically correct way of playin' in the entertainment industry. He was supposed to say, "there will be some BIG thangs poppin' in my future but I just can't say right now, but stay tuned, "Babbay, Ba-baaay"! Now, with all of the early leaks and criticism of Kingston in that role, he may no longer be "considered" but I so understand casting sessions and Hollywood- the chart toppers land the best movie roles now-a-days.

Years ago when I heard rumors of a possible film, I imagined Forrest Whitaker in the lead role...well, I know he has Oscar now so that may only be reserved for my imagination.

R. Kelly-Trapped In The Closet- DVD Review

For those of you, who like myself will be laying low this holiday weekend, I would like to make an entertainment suggestion. You should go and get R. Kelly's DVD, Trapped in the Closet 13-22. Initially, I was like, "oh goodness more of the soap opera drama", but can I just say, I gave the DVD a chance watch and I'm so glad I did. Trapped... is so many things.....but it's for real some unbelievable -crazy- retarded comedy. R. Kelly is a creative fool. Truly an innovative out of the box masterpiece. I wouldn't be surprised if Jigga calls R'rah to give him props for this piece of work. Thanks for thinking out of the cliched box.

Here are some reviews from people who have seen the flick already.

New Music-Raheem Devaughn

Ok, as I mentioned a few posts back. Raheem is so one of my new "play" boyfriends. Love his eyes, performance energy and again, those eyes. Anywhoo, his label Jive just sent out a copy of the his new single, WOMAN!! Much love to you for expressing how much we inspire you Rah. Fellas, if you love the ladies you will appreciate this one.

Rod, thank you much for sending.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

DeBarge Family Shattered

I am having a DeBarge breakdown this week. How ironic that El Debarge ends up in jail the week Vibe Magazine promotes their October issue featuring the rise and fall of the super-talented (and cute) R&B Group of the 80's. I was on Fresh's Crunktastical spot and was just nearly in tears reading the Vibe Magazine excerpt on the group's ups and downs.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

El DeBarge Arrested

Again,what in the domestic violence world is going on? El Debarge was arrested this past Sunday night for domestic abuse. I've made this statement 3 times this month....that's too many times. I may have to create a separate section for these type of domestic violence reports. It saddens me to hear this story. It's no secret the Debarge family has had a history of drug abuse as well. I just hope for the best for El and his entire family. I am friend's with Momma Debarge and Bunny on Myspace and they are constantly sending out encouraging messages to their friends. I just hope they are are staying inspired themselves.

Before Ralph Tresvant, El Debarge was my first love. No wait, I think Willis had both of them beat.

Forget about the worries on your mind, you can leave them all behind.

(Full Details)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Director John Singleton Involved In Pedestrian Fatality

Geez, these stories are always just too sad and unfortunate. Director John Singleton was involved in a pedestrian car accident Thursday night. He hit a 57 year old Los Angeles woman as she stepped in front of his vehicle. The victim, Constance Russell was struck by Singleton in his 2001 Lexus SUV and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died Friday morning.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Mega Church Leaders Randy & Paula White Announce Divorce

Mega church leaders Randy and Paula White announced their divorce to members in attendance at their Without Walls Church's Thursday night service. The White's have been married for 18 years. They blame the break up on two lives going in different directions.

Randy, however, said he takes "100 percent responsibility" for the breakup. "I want to apologize for the poor decisions I've made in my life, to my congregation and to the body of Christ," he told The Tampa Tribune. "I think I've let a lot of people down." Those regrets, he said, include how he has treated some people, lifestyle changes and being seen in public with women other than his wife, even if it was innocent.

He and Paula said the split involves no third party on either side.

(Full Story)


What in the domestic violence world is going on? My goodness. Amy "heavy rotation in my cd player" Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil were both seen physically abused in London. Apparently a fight broke out between the two of them at a hotel, and hours after the destruction they were seen reunited as a couple again. This is really sad to process right now. She has also cancelled her US Tour which was scheduled to begin next month.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prophetess Juanita Bynum Beaten By Husband-Will File Charges-Warrants Issued

Juanita Bynum was beaten by her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III. According to a police spokesperson, Ronald Campbell, the couple made an attempt to reconcile by meeting at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel in Atlanta, where discussions went downhill. After their meeting, the couple headed toward the parking lot and they got into a physical fight, "He began to choke her, he pushed her down and started kicking on her and stomping her," Campbell said. "The bellman of the hotel actually witnessed the incident and pulled Mr. Weeks off of her."

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Music TUE DAY August 21st

R. Kelly- Trapped In The Closet Chap 13-22 DVD

Swizz Beatz- One Man Band Man

Talib Kweli- Ear Drum

Weekend Tidbits

My Weekend Tidbits.

A bit laid back this go around. I found gas for $2.79, truly a treat to fill up at that price...wooo hooo!!

to fit in a few hours of sleep and to socialize with friends.

Jive Records Promotions Executive, Rod "Roddy Rod" Edwards' 40: So Damn Fresh BDAY Party. The party was held at Wilshire Royale in Los Angeles. Truly fun moments with friends.

Caught myself singing the hook to "A Bay Bay", twice this weekend. Does that mean the song is growing on me? Will it grow on me?

Started my workout plan, again. I did 30mins of cardio, this weekend. wooo hooo! Hey, it's a start, okaay!

Hung out with one of my sisters, and my 2 phew phews. This weekend the phew phews were a lot of fun. I just love them and appreciate their energy. Shout out to the parents and adults who set examples of GREATNESS for children. A special shout out to single parents doing it alone. I'm still trying to figure out an adjective to describe parents who have no sincere interest in their children's well being, but that's a WHOOOLEEE 'NOTHER BLOG. Anywhoo on to the fun stuff:

Heineken Red Star Concert- Los Angeles

The show kicked off in Los Angeles on Aug. 15, at BLVD 3 with hosts, Kenny Burns & BET's Danella. Those in attendance were treated to AMAZING performances by Common, Chrisette Michele, w/a special performance by Raheem DeVaughn. D-Nice held the music down on the wheels of steel...are they still called wheels of steel? I mean with everything being so other words, he was the DJ. The event truly hails as one of my Top 5 entertainment parties I've attended in 10 years. The vibe of the fabulous venue was perfect for the Common & Chrisette experience. WOW!

Last year, Heineken established the Independent Achievement Award to recognize individuals who demonstrate the hustle and integrity and drive to succeed while inspiring others along the way. The awards are presented the night of the concert. The tour will stop through Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, Detroit, Philly, Chicago & DC.

Speaking of Chicago & DC, can I just say, Common and Raheem are my new boyfriend's (note: this will probably change once every 2 weeks)....that's another blog as well. Ha! Special thanks to Tosha Thomas of Urban Network- thanks for making the arrangement for me, and Ms. Danna Kiel for transforming into a photographer at the last minute. Check out the pics:

Malinda Williams

Expecting their 2nd child, Keshia & Omar Epps w/ producer LT Hutton

Derek Luke w/ wife Sophie

3S: J'son & JR

Survivor Winner, Earl Cole

photos courtesy of black salt productions & creatiff chatter

New Talib Kweli Video - Hot Thing / In The Mood - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Check out the new video for Talib's new single. This thing is HOT! I love this.

His sixth LP, EAR DRUM is in stores and online Tues. August 21st.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Magic Johnson's No Look Pass to Baron & Paul

Check out my girl Kasey from The Weekend Gamer ( with everybody's favorite Laker, Earvin Magic Johnson at the L.A. Stars Rodeo Drive Experience. Magic talks passing the torch on his annual weekend charity event, business ventures and his game when he has time to play.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Congrats to Chart Toppers UGK

Jive Records recording artists UGK ride the top of the album charts this week with the release of Underground Kingz. According to Soundscan charts, their first week sales were an impressive 161K . Also topping the charts:

#2 Plies-Real Testament (I'm actually feeling him. I saw a very very impressive 106th & Park interview w/him. He certainly got my attention after that interview)
#3 Various Artists- Now 25
#4 Hannah Montana- Hannah Montana Soundtrack
#5 Jonas Brothers-Jonas Brothers
#6 Hairspray Soundtrack
#7 Common-Finding Forever
#8 Fergie- The Duthchess
#9 T.I- T.I. vs TIP
#10 Korn- Untitled

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Same Curl: Kel Mitchell Parodies R. Kelly's Same Girl

LOL! I didn't see this one coming. Hilarious!

New Music TUE Day

In stores and online today:

2 Pac- Nu Mixx Klassicz, Vol. 2 (Evolution Duets & Remixes)

Ali and Gipp- Kinfolk

Entourage: Music From The HBO Series

Najee-Rising Sun

WC-Guilty By Affiliation

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Weekend Tidbits

My Weekend Tidbits:

Had a cool weekend. I hung out with my 2 favorite forms of birth control, my nephews. One day of 'Kai and 'Lil will seal a womb. Whew!!! Those are my boo boo's though! -

Found some gas under $3 bucks...that was a treat, $2.99 to be exact.-

Heard the wackest pick up line ever over the weekend....a dude getting gas at the $2.99 cent gas station gonna ask me if my husband was married (insert sarcastic chuckle).....can we just say corny. On three, C.O.R.N.Y. And you always see, and in some cases hear those type of dudes coming too. You see the game plan in your husband married? He was just waiting to use that line. :) Needless to say, he didn't obtain my math.

Called my cell phone service provider for something that was once known as customer service and ended up speaking to someone on another continent. The rep couldn't understand me and gave me the same standard answer for all 13 of my queries. So much for serving customers.

Oh, and I'm still trippin' off the man who is suing 1-800-FLOWERS for 1-million dollars for ruining his marriage. He sent flowers to his mistress and the flower company sent a thank your for your purchase card to his wife.

R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet: Chapter 13-22

Here's the preview to the 577th installment of R.Kelly's, Trapped In the Closet.

The Soap Opera Continues

D'Angelo Decision In-Now Get Some Music Out

Well hopefully this means he will be back in a creatiff space and we'll get some new material from the super sexy crooner soon. You are so missed, D. Oh, and for your workout plan, whatever you did to prepare for "How Does It Feel"......feel free to go down that lane again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Musiq Soulchild-Chrisette Michele Show Review

Location: Wilshire Theater/Beverly Hills, CA.

I always look forward to Musiq Soulchild shows. He can entertain a crowd from the show's beginning, middle and end. And to learn Ms. Chrisette would open for him, was some great information to receive, especially since I'd attended a MOUTH DROPPING- AMAZING showcase of her's during the BET AWARDS week. I'd actually lost my mind during that performance and tried to figure out how I could give her a standing ovation-but I was already standing.

Well, this show, was a little different because she did not have a band. Seeing her live with a band, doing a full set was my last memory, so I was not prepared to see/hear her perform to track. She's a band type of artist. She needs and deserves a band. However, due to her amazing vocal ability, her performance was still very impressive; and based on the crowd's reaction when she sang, "If I Have My Way", I think they agreed also. In addition to her amazing vocal delivery, Chrisette also has a very charming personality when she interacts with an audience. I would see her again, even if she does perform to a track.

After her set, she announced she would be signing autographs in the lobby. I've never witnessed an artist, on a major label sign autographs after a show. Making a human connection with people inspires them to purchase and not burn. I'm sure there were some purchases after that performance.

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq was off all chains. It was my first time seeing him perform at a theater style venue-its always been House of Blues/General Admission type of places, but I thought it might be cool to enjoy him sitting down...hmmm, not for me, but I made it work.

Musiq's music is just too feel good to sit down, and the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills was not the "feel free to stand up and rock it out" type venue. I mean, even at church you have to stand up sometimes from "feeling it". It was one of those vibes where if the people behind you aren't standing, then you can't stand. So to avoid concert goers hitting me with shoes from me blocking their view, I decided to sashay myself to a wall near stage left and rock it out with him. Shout out to the other girls holding up the wall with me. There were about 6 of us who stood and rocked with Musiq even on the slow songs. He later invited the "sit down" audience to stand and rock with him. He performed all of his hits from his 4 releases. At the end of the show he announced that he too would be signing autographs....WHAT?? Another major artist signing autographs after a show? Now, the capacity of the venue was about 1900, and it was packed. He literally signed autographs for whoever stood in the line. He's probably still signing.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bobby Brown- Sets It Off at BB Kings

My weekend began Thursday night because that's when I started to party like a rock star at KJLH's weekly live performance showcase at BB Kings/Universal City. This week's special guest was none other than the King of R&B, Bobby Brown.

Y'all, Bobby is so the "truth", on and off the stage. He gave a high energy performance and rocked all of his hits we so love. During the encore part of his performance, he was joined on stage by Mr. Wonderful, Stevie Wonder and Macy Gray. Bobby even sang a few of Stevie's hits while Stevie followed along on the keys.

I gotta shout out Macy Gray for remixing the song I am so loving to hate right now, "A Bay Bay". As she joined Bob on stage she referred to him as "A Bob Bay", A Bob Bay".... Hilarious! I can almost digest the song now.

Bob Bay also informed those in attendance to look out for his new reality show. Apparently, it's poised to knock our socks off like Being Bobby Brown...that I don't doubt as he's so made for t.v.

Bobby is also putting the finishing touches on his recording project, which he states will be released in the fall.

Finally, Bobby hung around after the show to "get his party on". As the DJ began spinning New Edition classics, Bob gave those on the dance floor a comic filled impromptu N.E. performance, choreography included. What an infectious moment.

I'll be posting some fun candid images from the show, so check back soon!

Shout outs: Publicist Stephanie Abdullah (good lookin'out)
Photos: Mac Alexander Photography

Special Shout Out: To the 2 cutie pies that rocked it out with me at different times on the dance floor, T.J. and D.M., fellas, I wasn't sure if y'all could rock with me, but y'all showed me.

New Music-Jill Scott- The Real Thing

Jerrold Thompson, Jill Scott's A&R at Hidden Beach would love to get your feedback on her new project. He's created a sampler and made it available for download.

Download, Listen & Comment.

Jill Scott-The Real Thing available for purchase on September 25, 2007 . Purchase, not from Stan the man at the car wash purchase, but in-stores or online purchase. :);showfile=10

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Michael Baisden New Late Show

Hey Peeps, earlier this week, I attended the first 2 tapings of TV One's new late night show, "Baisden After Dark", hosted by author/radio host, Michael Baisden. If you're a follower of Baisden, then you already know he is "bringin it" with the topics on the relationship front, and he is showing much love to musical artists who deserve, but receive little love from the mainstream media outlets.

The late night show will air weekly, starting October 7th, but it's nothing in comparison to what late night shows have to offer now a days. I mean, who has Morris Day serving as their band director? Yes, Mr. I'm So Cool, will give animated direction to the band while combing and patting his hair. "Ain't nobody bad like him"....he's, and fine too. I don't know what kinda oil of olay he uses but he was rather eye catching. I actually dialed 777-9311 when I got to the car, but Mr. Telephone Man was talking about I needed an area code or something. Also joining the late night crew is funny man and winner of TV One's, "Who's Got Jokes?", George Willborn; who will serve as the sidekick and man on the streets correspondent.

Topics of discussion include: Swingers, Interracial Dating, and Pole Dancing aka The New Workout Craze. Celebrity guests will include: Kym Whitley & Karrine Steffans. Musical Guests: BET J Award nominee, Eric Roberson who performed a mind soothing performance of his single, Pretty Girl from his current CD, ...Left. Leela James is the featured musical guest on the second show; let me just say, this chil' rips a hole in the stage with her soul stirring performance of Music, which can be found on her CD, A Change Is Gonna Come.

For additional information visit:

Shout Outs & Thanks to:

Elsa Lathan (Footprints Communications) Thanks for inviting me.
Dwayne Corbitt (FarCor Studios-Executive Producer) & Leroy Micheaux thanks for arranging the photo ops.