Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creatiff Fashion by Cassie Betts

Fashion designer, Cassie Betts had an impressive showing of her couture, wedding/formal collection recently. Her fall & spring '09 line can bring out a woman's inner "go there," with superb class.

Check out some of the images from her Los Angeles fashion show:
tiffany w/ fashion designer, cassie betts

tiffany, actor lamman rucker, designer cassie betts & her bff
the "Shillae" dress
"Shillae" dress in black.

the "Cassie" dress.

the "Cassie" dress, back. Cassie may wear this design at her upcoming wedding.

the "Carrie" dress-named after her sister and her maid of honor.

the "Isabella" dress, back.

the "Isabella" dress.

designer, cassie betts takes a bow

I had many favorites, but I would have to say, I loved the "above the knee" styles as a wedding dress....and that's probably why I'm not married now, I'm so out of order, on Ha!

For your upcoming wedding, red carpet or formal fashions, "go there" with Cassie Betts.

Welcome to 2009

Wow! Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'.... into the future!! Welcome to 2009!! Alive in a new year & a new President; 2009 is alright with me. Since I am so anti- New Year's Resolutions, and all of the hype surrounding the New Year, I do not engage myself with the "newyearism" energy that last for a week, maybe the month. I need some long term change. The only way we will be out- with- the- old- and in -with- the- new is if we do the work before the New Year. I so wish the old year would've swallowed my issues and concerns, but most of those tagged along with me into the '09. Out- with- the- old- in -with- the- new, that's a cool slogan, but there's work to do, and if we do the work, we may not have to wait until the next year for the miraculous change we so desire. I have soooo MANY changes to make, some I'm tackling, others I'm just thinking about them, and already procrastinating, a lot, but fighting to get on track so I won't fall back into the "same ole same ole :)


I campaigned so hard for Barack Obama, so you know I'm thrilled about the results. I had the opportunity to do a Q&A interview with Ralph Tresvant of New Edition (my all time favorite group) and have it published in the Urban Network entertainment trade magazine, I was selected to do a beauty product review for the January '09 issue of Upscale magazine, and attend & cover red carpet & entertainment events for this site. All I can say is, I'm open for more and expecting more.

My Love (ly) Life
Well, I thought I was going to update my status to "in a relationship" -that didn't carry over into the New Year. I was so open and available for it too, and I liked the fact that I tried. I thought I was going to be afraid of a relationship, but this particular effort, looking back was exciting to try. Exciting because being vulnerable was freeing, and I had a chance to apply the wisdom and inspiration I gained from being single to a possible healthy relationship. This guy was a whole lot of things, but he wasn't the one for me, and I didn't "hang in there' and try to "make it into something" that my heart loudly expressed it wouldn't be. I recognized, well I always recognize, but oftentimes ignore signs but these particular signs would've had me calling family and friends singing, T-Pain's, "Chopped & Screwed."

Speaking of family, my mother says I'm "too picky" (lol); she's always reminding me of men that are interested in me, and my dad, over breakfast on Christmas Day, predicted I would marry a white man; well I did send a public shout out to John Mayer via this site, but now that he is unavailable, again, I have to back off, because women who love men, know that being involved with a man who's physically and emotionally unavailable will not work. I'm proud of myself for following my heart and intuition on this one because I'm so anti "auto-tune," and I wouldn't have wanted to sing "Chopped & Screwed," although, I must say, that's a pretty hot song..screwwwweed, screwwwweed, screwwwwwed, chopped & screwwwed.

And to my favorite man, my dad, black men, white men, and all the wonderful shades in between, are fine with me, and I know you could care less about color, and just want the guy to love and adore me almost as much as you do. I know, I know. You just make sure you have your one-of-a kind suit ready to walk me down the aisle. :)

Singers Remix Beyonce's Boy

The Beyonce' movement has inspired a few already successful recording artists to express themselves w/their own version of her chart-topping hit, "If I Were A Boy." I must say, because of the remakes and remixes, I can now listen to her version all the way through. I bet I'm one of few who didn't care for the song at first, but that's cool, because I'm the first one on the dance floor to rock out to "Single Ladies" put yo' hands up for my favorite "If I Were A Boy" remakes, courtesy of Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men and R. Kelly.

Shawn Stockman, turns it back on the women with, "If You Were A Boy." (Elsa, thanks for the heads up on this song)

"If I Were A Boy"-Beyonce feat R. Kelly. Kells' verse in the song reminds of the reason I appreciate his artistry; a great and honest vocal delivery. I'm certain he, without permission from Beyonce's camp, took it upon himself to add his vocals to this song and leak it to radio; he could care less about the lawsuit and beef he had with her hubby; that's just how creative geniuses rock, huh? Ok, R'rah.