Thursday, February 19, 2009

CREATIFF QUOTES: T-Pain & Frankie aka Keyshia Cole's Mom

Frankie on her fashion preference:

“I love Payless, the ghetto mall, and the flea market. Payless got the same thing as Louis Vuitton, except Louis Vuitton is a bigger name…”

Source: Vibe Magazine- The Style Issue/March 2009 (on stands now)

T- Pain on his soon-to-be released I-Phone, Auto-Tune application:

"It's gonna be real cool," says T-Pain. "Basically, you can add Auto-Tune to your voice and send it to your friends and put it on the Web. You'll be able to sound just like me." Asked if that might render him no longer unique, T-Pain laughs: "I'm not too worried. I got lots of tricks you ain't seen yet. It's everybody else that needs to step up their game."

Source: The Time, Inc.

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