Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sister 2 Sister Soul Train Awards Pre-Party

Correspondent Stephanie Abdullah recaps Sister 2 Sister Magazine's Soul Train Pre-Party in Atlanta. Check out her review of the event.

Sister 2 Sister Founder, Jamie Foster Brown and Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed
The award show wasn’t the only party in town. Some of yall may remember back in the day when Def Jam used to throw those Pre Soul Train parties??? Can we say OFF the chain! Well, Jamie Foster Brown and Sister 2 Sister have grabbed the torch on this and hosted a 22nd Anniversary party the night before the awards. Er’body was in the building! And Jamie was stunning! I mean daggone fabulously stunning! I was bumping into the homies all over the place too: Sheri Riley, April Love, Kita Williams, Ronda Penrice (author of African American History for Dummies. Pick up a copy today), Barry Florence, Kim Cooper and even my boy Darius McCrary.

Stephanie and actor Darius McCrary
Darius told me he has an album coming out and it’s tight. He told me our mutual friend Bobby Brown came through the studio and blessed him with some background vocals! Go Bobby! Darius showed me mad love and he’s looking sooooo grown man these days too. Last I heard he’s doing the Young and the Restless thing…so you soap opera buffs, check him out on there. Chef G. Garvin, my church brother was in the building and was nicer than he’s ever been to me. He’s talking about possibly being back in ATL full time. LA will miss him. Oh! And my girl Stacii J-hadn’t seen her in forever. She’s working for the ATL Mayor [Kasim Reed] and personally introduced us. Thanks Stacii!

Stephanie and Ginuwine aka GinuFINE!

 Reality TV Stars were in the building-Tiny and Toya and Kandi and Lisa Wu Hartwell. Shout out to my girl Phaedra, who was not in the building cuz she was in Barbados kicking it!
Special shout out to Stephanie Dayton, Ericka Boston, Sonya and Khia from the Sister 2 Sister Team. Good looking out yall! And a super special shout out to my dear friend, BET’s Zabrina Horton. And to my girl Erica Blevins from Oh! My Nappy Hair for rocking out with us.
Stephanie and BET's Zabrina Horton
My ATL trip was off the chizzle fo shizzle. Shout out to the Tiff of CreaTiff Chatter for letting me chitter and chatter on her behalf. It was definitely a stonegas honey (in my Don Cornelius voice). And as always when parting-we wish you LOVE, PEACE, and Sooouuuulllllll!!!!!!

By the way…this blog writing is great. Just free styling -Stephanie style-with no rhyme nor reason. I love it! I welcome your feedback to: Twitter: @msstephabdullah and

All photos courtesy of Stephanie Abdullah


sxy_chklt said...

GO STEF!! LOVE IT...keeping doing u lady, nice article! Ure voice is jumping off the page and I'm even more anxious to see the Soul Train Awards now!!!

Much love & respect ure old school homie from THE TOWN (had to go old school, LOL)

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