Monday, October 1, 2007

Ohh gawd. Britney Loses Custody of the Kids


My own personal Britney Rant.

I am about to have a Chris Crocker cry moment. I love Britney. I just want this girl to be okay. She so needs a hug. I am thrilled that the courts are doing what's best for the kids and if the judge feels she is unstable to properly parent her children, then she should not have custody of them. Kid Safety is first!!

What I don't understand is why SOME people are so obsessed with contributing to the downspiral of any human being's life. Britney has some sort of mental disconnect and I just hope that if I one day have some "issues" (i do have some, but they are not obvious-lol)that people would not add to them by kicking me while I'm down.

I hope she takes this time to really bring balance and focus into her world so she can work on having a healthy life and relationship with her children and their father.

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