Monday, October 29, 2007

Tiff's Tidbits

A calm and pleasant weekend is what I had. I hung out with my girl Monica from D.C.

Had a New Edition siting- Ricky & Ronnie. It's always good to have an N.E. siting.

Ricky informed us that BBD were going to perform for Gabrielle Union's bday bash (I'm still trying to find photos from that party) he also informed us that Bobby, Ralph and Johnny were performing that same night at a Barry Bonds party. Always good to see the best boy band since the Jacksons.

I did a 5mile walk over the weekend. I think I'm gonna add walking to my workout routine. It's really refreshing to be outside than in the boring gym.

Yesterday, I hung out with my oldest nephew. He's my 6 year old road dog. It was day 2 of him teaching me how to the the Soulja Boy dance. I'll have the video footage of that soon. I'm trying to get the first half of the dance down first and then I'll post.

I love creative writing. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with y'all.

Much Love,

Everybody's Favorite (wink)

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