Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Wow! Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'.... into the future!! Welcome to 2009!! Alive in a new year & a new President; 2009 is alright with me. Since I am so anti- New Year's Resolutions, and all of the hype surrounding the New Year, I do not engage myself with the "newyearism" energy that last for a week, maybe the month. I need some long term change. The only way we will be out- with- the- old- and in -with- the- new is if we do the work before the New Year. I so wish the old year would've swallowed my issues and concerns, but most of those tagged along with me into the '09. Out- with- the- old- in -with- the- new, that's a cool slogan, but there's work to do, and if we do the work, we may not have to wait until the next year for the miraculous change we so desire. I have soooo MANY changes to make, some I'm tackling, others I'm just thinking about them, and already procrastinating, a lot, but fighting to get on track so I won't fall back into the "same ole same ole :)


I campaigned so hard for Barack Obama, so you know I'm thrilled about the results. I had the opportunity to do a Q&A interview with Ralph Tresvant of New Edition (my all time favorite group) and have it published in the Urban Network entertainment trade magazine, I was selected to do a beauty product review for the January '09 issue of Upscale magazine, and attend & cover red carpet & entertainment events for this site. All I can say is, I'm open for more and expecting more.

My Love (ly) Life
Well, I thought I was going to update my status to "in a relationship" -that didn't carry over into the New Year. I was so open and available for it too, and I liked the fact that I tried. I thought I was going to be afraid of a relationship, but this particular effort, looking back was exciting to try. Exciting because being vulnerable was freeing, and I had a chance to apply the wisdom and inspiration I gained from being single to a possible healthy relationship. This guy was a whole lot of things, but he wasn't the one for me, and I didn't "hang in there' and try to "make it into something" that my heart loudly expressed it wouldn't be. I recognized, well I always recognize, but oftentimes ignore signs but these particular signs would've had me calling family and friends singing, T-Pain's, "Chopped & Screwed."

Speaking of family, my mother says I'm "too picky" (lol); she's always reminding me of men that are interested in me, and my dad, over breakfast on Christmas Day, predicted I would marry a white man; well I did send a public shout out to John Mayer via this site, but now that he is unavailable, again, I have to back off, because women who love men, know that being involved with a man who's physically and emotionally unavailable will not work. I'm proud of myself for following my heart and intuition on this one because I'm so anti "auto-tune," and I wouldn't have wanted to sing "Chopped & Screwed," although, I must say, that's a pretty hot song..screwwwweed, screwwwweed, screwwwwwed, chopped & screwwwed.

And to my favorite man, my dad, black men, white men, and all the wonderful shades in between, are fine with me, and I know you could care less about color, and just want the guy to love and adore me almost as much as you do. I know, I know. You just make sure you have your one-of-a kind suit ready to walk me down the aisle. :)

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