Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Creatiff Fashion by Cassie Betts

Fashion designer, Cassie Betts had an impressive showing of her couture, wedding/formal collection recently. Her fall & spring '09 line can bring out a woman's inner "go there," with superb class.

Check out some of the images from her Los Angeles fashion show:
tiffany w/ fashion designer, cassie betts

tiffany, actor lamman rucker, designer cassie betts & her bff
the "Shillae" dress
"Shillae" dress in black.

the "Cassie" dress.

the "Cassie" dress, back. Cassie may wear this design at her upcoming wedding.

the "Carrie" dress-named after her sister and her maid of honor.

the "Isabella" dress, back.

the "Isabella" dress.

designer, cassie betts takes a bow

I had many favorites, but I would have to say, I loved the "above the knee" styles as a wedding dress....and that's probably why I'm not married now, I'm so out of order, on Ha!

For your upcoming wedding, red carpet or formal fashions, "go there" with Cassie Betts.

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