Monday, April 27, 2009

OBSESSED Tops Box Office

Congrats to OBSESSED for topping the box office charts this past weekend. According to, the movie pulled in $28.5 million in ticket sales. I tell you, this movie was one of those that you hoped would do well because you like the actors, but I just wasn't sure. I'm glad I went in with an open-mind because I came out a "Facebook status updating supporter" of the film.

Because I'm not a fan of Beyonce's acting--AT all, I was concerned about rushing out to see a film that didn't involve her drawing on to her God given gifts of singing and performing. I like her, so I always want to support the moves she makes; and of course, her leading guy, Idris Elba, has ALL of my support. All types of fine, right?

Beyonce did her thing when she brought her Sasha Fierce attitude out toward the end. I was so feeling Mrs. Beyonce's character when she stepped up and stepped- out to defend her family, go B! Oh, and the stalker girl, Ali Larter, she was nerve-rattling impressive. Check the film out if you haven't seen it.

Below you will find my actual Facebook status updates; I posted them as I sat and watched the film:

Tiffany is @ the theater watching far annoyed!


Let me clarify. The movie is worth seeing. I'm annoyed that men (some) men can't say NO!! "Some" of them make themselves available to rescue and save women and get themselves involved in [all types of ] unnecessary skullduggery.


I think y'all should see it. I just wish I were @ Magic Johnson theaters with a group of my girlfriends because this here movie requires loud outbursts and I so want to yell at the screen right now.

[Don't try to act like I'm crazy for typing such info about the Magic Johnson Theaters, I've been there, and y'all have too. ;) Shoo, I would've gone there if I were near the area].

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