Monday, April 20, 2009

RED CARPET- TYSON PREMIERE rocked out on the red carpet at the premiere of TYSON held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Carmelo Anthony & LaLa's film company, Krossover Productions, produced TYSON.
Look for LaLa, along with Ricki Lake on the upcoming season of VH-1's, Charm School, set to air May 11th.

Mike Tyson shared his thoughts on the film, "It's almost like, when you've been down for so long and then brought back up- it's almost uncomfortable."

On advice he would give to Chris Brown right now, he states simply, "He'll be fine; he'll be fine."

Robert Griffith
sports commentator/former nfl player

Most memorable Tyson fight: The first Holyfield/Tyson fight.

Asked if he'd consider following in the dancing steps of previous NFL players for a spot on Dancing With The Stars, with excitement he replied, "I would tear Dancing With The Stars up." DWTS producers, reach out to him, he's up for the challenge.

Q&A w/ Mike Tyson & James Toback (Tyson, writer/director)


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