Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back From the DNC

Hey Creatiff Ones,

First, a shout out to those of you who reached out to me with your well wishes for my DNC trip. I was elated to receive those messages; I no longer think I'm the only one who reads my blog...LOL. Well, I am still on an emotional high and I become so overwhelmed when I re-live the experience that I seriously start to shed tears.

I went straight to NYC from Denver to attend a wedding and once I landed in the city, I had to immediately become a NY'er and I lost some of my emotional memories because the NY'ers were off the chain (smiles) as soon as I landed at JFK. You gotta just move and shake and get rude with folk in that city at times- still my favorite home away from home but the airport employees were straight off the chain for me on this trip. Welcome to NY for real. Anyhoo, there were sooo many amazing events and experiences that happended in Denver, I need to use this weekend to get all details together for this blog. Truly an amazing experience though. If you didn't attend the DNC, please consider the Inauguration in January. I have lots of pictures to share. I'm hoping to get them all out by Monday. My trip with 3 of my favorite girl-friends was truly a blessed experience.

Sarah Palin

Still trying to "google" as much as I can about her. I watched her now famous speech, but what's up with her, or any human down-playing community leadership? So crass!!Making light of a man who is a Harvard Law Grad, who decided to go back to an area of Chicago to be a bridge between the community and law-makers and help empower those United States citizens is extremely offensive to me, and I would assume any person who has a passion to serve. On another note, she delivered her speech as if she wrote it herself. She was confident but the content of her speech was empty and condescending. Oh, and trust, if Malia or Sasha Obama were of child-bearing age and got pregnant out of wedlock, there would be no-way the teen-pregnancy matter would be private and or the family's business only. (Neck rollin' with my hands on my hips) :)

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