Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Times Backstage: Penny & Willona Hang Out

My boy, photographer/publicist, Steve Williams supplied me with backstage images from Janet Jackson's L.A. show.

Steve, thanks for allowing me to share the pics!

Ja'net Dubois & Janet aka Willona & Penny backstage at Janet's L.A. show. It just occured to me that these two have the same first name. (Ja'net and Janet backstage) Truly beautiful; and society suggests women lie about their age when they're over 25. Are you serious? Who made up that rule? Janet is 42 and Ms. Ja'net "Willona" is 63. Forever fabulous.

Jermaine Dupri, Ja'net Dubois & Ms. Janet

after her

Brotherly love: Jackie Jackson, Ja'net Dubois & Tito Jackson backstage at Janet's show

(l to r) Ja'net "Willona" Dubois, singer Joy Enriquez (Rodney Jerkins' wife), JD, Rodney Jerkins, & Kenneth Crear (Janet's manager)

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