Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Halts Campaign-No Debate on Friday

Tiffany: Ok, so we are less than 45 days away from the Presidential election, in a recession and the GOP candidate wants to tip out now. Mr. McCain, now would be a good time for you to start trying to convince people, right now, at this time why you should run the country. I'm sure there are enough elected officials who can handle the horrible state of economic affairs while you continue to campaign. I need to see you on t.v, behind a podium on Friday. I've changed my Friday evening plans for this debate. Funny that we learn Barack is up in the polls by 9 and you want to move away from the campaign at this time. Now, since Barack would like to move forward w/ the debate, I guess he doesn't care about the country. I await your next approved by you commercial.

From AOL News:

NEW YORK (Sept. 24) - Republican John McCain said Wednesday he wants to delay Friday's debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama and temporarily put aside their partisan campaign to resolve the nation's financial crisis.

McCain's announcement came after the two candidates held private talks about joining forces to address the Wall Street meltdown. The Obama campaign said the Democrat initiated the talks, but McCain beat Obama to the punch with the first public statement calling for the two to rise above politics in a time of crisis.


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