Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Randomness- Auditioning, Hip Hop Awards & The Somebodies.

More weekend stuff:

I went on an audition over the weekend for a television hosting gig. I would love to host and or produce a t.v. show relating to entertainment news, male/female relationships and politics. Co-hosting my monthly relationship forum, The Battle of the Sexes (we've been rockin' for 3 years...yeaaaahhh!!) and doing this blog truly serve as a source of inspiration. The audition was exhilarating and I would love to get "that" particular gig, but if don't, I enjoyed trying.

My BET Weekend....

I shifted my focus from CNN to BET to watch the repeat of the Hip Hop Awards. I know I'm late with show comments, but I gotta speak about the ladies of Hip Hop; weren't they HOT?!! I so loved their performance and those hip hop ciphers. Now, that's why I like hip hop! The rappers were flowin'. Jadakiss, Fab, Juelz, Hurricane Chris, and the new guys NICE. Jadakiss and a guy named Ace Hood. I am so feeling the flow of the lyrics, fellas. Jadakiss, "Mr. "I will stay in my lane, 'til it opens up". Love it.
Thanks for getting my attention.

Another thing on BET. Am I the last one to catch BET's new original show, The Somebodies? That's a pretty cool show. Hey now BET! As soon as this election is over, I will add more viewing channels to my selection.

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