Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stephen A. Smith- Talks Politics

Tiffany: From the blog of sports analyst, Stephen A. Smith. I admire this man's fearless delivery of truth. The Truth: sometimes hurtful, but if embraced and delivered from an admirable person, can be helpful. I've been an admirer of the Stephen A. Smith movement since his days as a frequent guest on the Best Damned Sports Show, Period, in early 2000. I appreciate black men who embrace their greatness and refuse to dumb themselves down, and Stephen "Screamin" A is a the perfect example. The sincere honesty, and integrity he brings to the sports world, I aspire to do the same in the world of music. Anyway, in his blog post on, he veers far away from sports to politics. Check out his politcal perspective on a Barack Obama presidency:

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The right-wing mocks him as “The Messiah” while Democrats far-and-wide treat him like one. Conservatives question the legitimacy of Barack Obama, claiming a large segment of this nation is ignorant to what this Junior Senator from Illinois really represents. Meanwhile, liberals stand in unison, basking in the glow of his ascension, waiting to benefit from this unfathomable run that’s expected to end with a black man finally becoming the President of the United States of America.

And foolishly, too many African-Americans are joining the parade, treating this likelihood as if it’s a job finished. Instead of a job that’s just getting started.
If African-Americans truly want to assist Obama, helping him get elected is just the beginning. If we fail to educate ourselves about what his job really entails, if we refuse to make the sacrifices necessary to help America prosper – if far too many of us continue to perpetuate ignorance, a flagrant naiveté to what’s really going on, and choose instead to lean on excuses that continue to hinder our growth as individuals and as a community – an Obama Presidency will be in vain. Particularly for the majority of African-Americans who vigorously support him.

It’s time for us to wake up!

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