Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Randomness- In The Locker Room at My Gym

Location: My gym
Backdrop: The Ladies Locker Room

So, I decide to workout early, early this morning. I make my way to the locker room to see how challenged my cuteness was at that hour. Upon entering the locker room, I walk into the middle of a very loud conversation!! The excited loudness was coming from this elderly white lady (think Golden Girls, the oldest lady on the show), very short and feisty with her expressison; real cute.

The lady seemed to be having a discussion with anyone who would listen. Since I'd just walked into the locker room, I didn't really pay much attention, I did however continue to ear hustle. As I tried to shake my sleep, I kept hearing the lady state, "we need a change, we just need a change". She grabs her bag to exit, and with sass, turns around to address the women in the locker room, "if you all do not vote for Barack Obama, I'm kickin' yo ass when I see you again". Whoa, talk about a morning wake up call. After I recovered from my confused laughter, I got the the lady's attention and told her to look at my shirt, it read, "Women for Obama". High fives, high fives. Whew, I was safe from her wrath.

I still didn't confirm my morning cuteness, but that was ok, I could care less what I looked like after that experience- because truly I was smiling, thanks to that lady.

So the moral of the story: Go to your gym's locker room, check on your cuteness, and look for an old lady and pray she makes you smile. Wearing a smile and being able to reference a smiling moment throughout the day is much cooler than being cute.

I hope I see her again before the election. I'll be sure to carry my camera phone in hopes of catching another one of her episodes. Loved her!

Speaking of the elderly, shout out to Cloris Leachman, the 82 year old Dancing with the Stars participant. She was kicked off the show yesterday, thanks to the hateration from judge Kari Ann Inaba. I love the elderly. They rock!

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