Thursday, August 2, 2007

Michael Baisden New Late Show

Hey Peeps, earlier this week, I attended the first 2 tapings of TV One's new late night show, "Baisden After Dark", hosted by author/radio host, Michael Baisden. If you're a follower of Baisden, then you already know he is "bringin it" with the topics on the relationship front, and he is showing much love to musical artists who deserve, but receive little love from the mainstream media outlets.

The late night show will air weekly, starting October 7th, but it's nothing in comparison to what late night shows have to offer now a days. I mean, who has Morris Day serving as their band director? Yes, Mr. I'm So Cool, will give animated direction to the band while combing and patting his hair. "Ain't nobody bad like him"....he's, and fine too. I don't know what kinda oil of olay he uses but he was rather eye catching. I actually dialed 777-9311 when I got to the car, but Mr. Telephone Man was talking about I needed an area code or something. Also joining the late night crew is funny man and winner of TV One's, "Who's Got Jokes?", George Willborn; who will serve as the sidekick and man on the streets correspondent.

Topics of discussion include: Swingers, Interracial Dating, and Pole Dancing aka The New Workout Craze. Celebrity guests will include: Kym Whitley & Karrine Steffans. Musical Guests: BET J Award nominee, Eric Roberson who performed a mind soothing performance of his single, Pretty Girl from his current CD, ...Left. Leela James is the featured musical guest on the second show; let me just say, this chil' rips a hole in the stage with her soul stirring performance of Music, which can be found on her CD, A Change Is Gonna Come.

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