Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Musiq Soulchild-Chrisette Michele Show Review

Location: Wilshire Theater/Beverly Hills, CA.

I always look forward to Musiq Soulchild shows. He can entertain a crowd from the show's beginning, middle and end. And to learn Ms. Chrisette would open for him, was some great information to receive, especially since I'd attended a MOUTH DROPPING- AMAZING showcase of her's during the BET AWARDS week. I'd actually lost my mind during that performance and tried to figure out how I could give her a standing ovation-but I was already standing.

Well, this show, was a little different because she did not have a band. Seeing her live with a band, doing a full set was my last memory, so I was not prepared to see/hear her perform to track. She's a band type of artist. She needs and deserves a band. However, due to her amazing vocal ability, her performance was still very impressive; and based on the crowd's reaction when she sang, "If I Have My Way", I think they agreed also. In addition to her amazing vocal delivery, Chrisette also has a very charming personality when she interacts with an audience. I would see her again, even if she does perform to a track.

After her set, she announced she would be signing autographs in the lobby. I've never witnessed an artist, on a major label sign autographs after a show. Making a human connection with people inspires them to purchase and not burn. I'm sure there were some purchases after that performance.

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq was off all chains. It was my first time seeing him perform at a theater style venue-its always been House of Blues/General Admission type of places, but I thought it might be cool to enjoy him sitting down...hmmm, not for me, but I made it work.

Musiq's music is just too feel good to sit down, and the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills was not the "feel free to stand up and rock it out" type venue. I mean, even at church you have to stand up sometimes from "feeling it". It was one of those vibes where if the people behind you aren't standing, then you can't stand. So to avoid concert goers hitting me with shoes from me blocking their view, I decided to sashay myself to a wall near stage left and rock it out with him. Shout out to the other girls holding up the wall with me. There were about 6 of us who stood and rocked with Musiq even on the slow songs. He later invited the "sit down" audience to stand and rock with him. He performed all of his hits from his 4 releases. At the end of the show he announced that he too would be signing autographs....WHAT?? Another major artist signing autographs after a show? Now, the capacity of the venue was about 1900, and it was packed. He literally signed autographs for whoever stood in the line. He's probably still signing.


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Kimberly said...

I must check her out whenever she comes to the A. I am soooooo there when she does. love her sound.