Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

My Weekend Tidbits.

A bit laid back this go around. I found gas for $2.79, truly a treat to fill up at that price...wooo hooo!!

to fit in a few hours of sleep and to socialize with friends.

Jive Records Promotions Executive, Rod "Roddy Rod" Edwards' 40: So Damn Fresh BDAY Party. The party was held at Wilshire Royale in Los Angeles. Truly fun moments with friends.

Caught myself singing the hook to "A Bay Bay", twice this weekend. Does that mean the song is growing on me? Will it grow on me?

Started my workout plan, again. I did 30mins of cardio, this weekend. wooo hooo! Hey, it's a start, okaay!

Hung out with one of my sisters, and my 2 phew phews. This weekend the phew phews were a lot of fun. I just love them and appreciate their energy. Shout out to the parents and adults who set examples of GREATNESS for children. A special shout out to single parents doing it alone. I'm still trying to figure out an adjective to describe parents who have no sincere interest in their children's well being, but that's a WHOOOLEEE 'NOTHER BLOG. Anywhoo on to the fun stuff:

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