Friday, August 31, 2007

R. Kelly-Trapped In The Closet- DVD Review

For those of you, who like myself will be laying low this holiday weekend, I would like to make an entertainment suggestion. You should go and get R. Kelly's DVD, Trapped in the Closet 13-22. Initially, I was like, "oh goodness more of the soap opera drama", but can I just say, I gave the DVD a chance watch and I'm so glad I did. Trapped... is so many things.....but it's for real some unbelievable -crazy- retarded comedy. R. Kelly is a creative fool. Truly an innovative out of the box masterpiece. I wouldn't be surprised if Jigga calls R'rah to give him props for this piece of work. Thanks for thinking out of the cliched box.

Here are some reviews from people who have seen the flick already.

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