Friday, August 31, 2007

No Biggie for Sean Kingston

I'd heard several reports that Sean Kingston would play the role of BIGGIE in the B.I.G. Biopic. Vibe Magazine is now reporting that Miss Info received confirmed word from the film's executive producer and B.I.G's former manager, Wayne Barrow that no individual has been cast to play BIGGIE! (SOURCE)

Here's my opinion: Ok, I was scratching my weave tracks earlier when I heard Sean landed the role, and then I started to say, "well, I guess based on his physical make-up he could play B.I.G. He'd really have to pull us away from his Beautiful Girls image, but okay". I mean, I couldn't picture Larenz Tate playing a thug either but he rocked that role in Menace to Society. I was really afraid of him after that movie. Honestly, I really think Sean Kingston has in fact secured the role, but he just wasn't supposed to reveal it. He's a new artist and he hasn't learned the politically correct way of playin' in the entertainment industry. He was supposed to say, "there will be some BIG thangs poppin' in my future but I just can't say right now, but stay tuned, "Babbay, Ba-baaay"! Now, with all of the early leaks and criticism of Kingston in that role, he may no longer be "considered" but I so understand casting sessions and Hollywood- the chart toppers land the best movie roles now-a-days.

Years ago when I heard rumors of a possible film, I imagined Forrest Whitaker in the lead role...well, I know he has Oscar now so that may only be reserved for my imagination.

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