Friday, April 4, 2008

Beyonce and Jay Z's Play by Play Wedding (Alleged) Plans

Sincerely one of my favorite couples. I so hope this story is true. See below's minute by minute update on their possible nuptials-scheduled to go down tonight.

YBF New York correspondents are currently on the scene around 195 Hudson St. (Jay-Z’s place) which is the rumored place Beyonce & Jay-Z wedding festivities are going down today. It’s a paprazzi and media zoo to the utmost power down there and we’ve definitely found out some interesting tidbits. Here’s what YBF has seen and heard so far while on the scene:

Around 5p est today, a black SUV with full tinted windows flew through the crowd of media to enter the building’s garage. Only one paparazzo landed a pic of the unconfirmed woman inside. But she was by herself and purposely covering her face with a black and silver “Dereon like” hoodie. Another person was spotted entering the building who resembled Irv Gotti.
20 minutes later 8 black SUVs of the same kind exited the garage one right after the other. All SUVs were empty. Word on the street (from an unreliable source) was that the wedding was over and had taken place in a different location (continue)

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Sheilesha said...

They are such a HOTT couple!!! The greatest thing since Will and Jada.
1,000 Kisses goes out the Jay and B.