Monday, April 14, 2008

IAMHIPHOP.COM PRESENTS: SpitFire with Kool Moe Dee

Finally, clips from the IAMHIPHOP movement. Are y'all ready? Late last year I was flooding people's in-boxes with invites to's weekly SPITFIRE show, hosted by the always thought provoking, knowledge kickin' rap pioneer, Kool Moe Dee. I observed the show as being a cross between Politically Incorrect and Meet The Press, with flavorings of "all things hip hop".

According to Moe Dee, the show has been picked up by a cable network (which will be named soon) and the shows are being prepared to air in the near future. Yes, the movement must be televised, anything else would be uncivilized....Uhh oh, check out my melody.... LOL. Watch the clip.

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