Friday, April 18, 2008

CLASSIC FLASHBACK: New Edition - Candy Girl (LIVE) '83

WOW!!! This is just too much for my soul right here. I should be sound asleep at this hour, but I ran across this here New Edition performance and I'm just up going down the memory lane of pimples and bad hair do's.

Lisa, girrrrrl remember we would stay up late watching these videos at your house on the VHS tapes??

Great times.


CandyGirl4Lyfe said...

Tiff Tiff Tiff I am beyond estactic girl.... You know I will have the DVR set for this.... VH1 thanks for reppin my boys.

25 years man... I remember the first day I fell in love with NE. I wasnt down from the beginning but to know me now you would have never known that.

But November 17, 1984 forever changed my life seeing them at the Wherehouse on La Brea and Rodeo Rd standing in the rain.....

My love for NE has brought the bond of friendship that I dont think will ever be broken...

J'me aka CandyGirl4Lyfe

Kenny said...

That video was incredible, never seen it before. I am the big bro of N.E. Fan Club....LOL

Anonymous said...

never saw that one before girl. thanks for that took me back. all the vhs tapes i have never had that one on tape