Monday, April 21, 2008


Tiff: Stephen A. Smith, my favorite sports journalist is ranting about the NBA Playoffs. I love this dude. This is my real talk journalist here.

Anyhoo, I gotta go look for my #34 Lakers jersey, :) see Stephen's rants below:

(I jacked this from Stephen's blog-


Celtics vs. Hawks: This series ends in 4 games.

*Boston has the talent, experience and the common sense to avoid talking trash to a superior foe, which is more than anyone can say about Josh Childress and Josh Smith. Their vows about "making history" officially goes down as the dumbest comments of the postseason.

Pistons vs. Sixers: Pistons in 5

*Detroit is too focused, too motivated and much too tired of watching others play in the NBA Finals. Whether they get there or not is irrelevant at this time. Just know Philadelphia won't do a thing to stop them, other than having one good night.

Magic vs. Raptors: Magic in 7

*This will be a highly competitive series. Toronto has a lot of skilled players, although they are a bit too soft for comfort. Problem: They don't have Dwight Howard, nor do they have home-court advantage.

Wizards vs. Cavs: Wizards in 6

*LeBron...LeBron...LeBron. I'm just not feeling it this year. Of course, it's not because of him. I'm just not sold on the idea that Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Wally Szczerbiak have gelled well enough yet.

Plus, I truly believe Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison can be lethal, especially against the Cavs. And don't sleep on Brendan Haywood. If he gives you anything in this series, it's enough.


Lakers vs. Nuggets: Lakers in 7

*Based on the way the Nuggets have played defense for a majority of this season, they don't deserve the benefit of anyone assuming they'll last 7 games vs. the Lakers. But when you have Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony averaging 53 points per game, how can you not? Still, Kobe is Kobe. Pau Gasol has helped elevate everyone, and the Lakers are just a more disciplined bunch. Besides, we all know where I want to be once June rolls around.

Hornets vs Mavs: Mavs in 6

*Chris Paul is my runner-up for league-MVP honors. Byron Scott is my runner-up for Coach-of-the-Year honors, and New Orleans has had a great year. But they're still young and unproven, totally reliant on perimeter shots, and the Mavs -- especially with the arrival of Jason Kidd -- should be too experienced to fall to these Hornets this year.

Spurs vs. Suns: Spurs in 7

*Once upon a time, it was practically a religion to bet on Shaq. That was my rule: never bet against the Big Fella. But this is a different day. The Spurs, with all their offensive problems, can D-up anybody. They still have Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. And a Game 7 would be on their home floor. If I'm wrong, I won't cry about it, but I've got to pick San Antonio here.

Jazz vs. Rockets: Jazz in 6

*I'm convinced some kind of black cat is following Tracy McGrady around. There's no other explanation for all the bad luck he's experienced throughout his career, and there's no other excuse as to why his bonafide superstar talents have never been displayed anywhere beyond the first round of the playoffs. Yet, despite Utah's atrocious road record, Houston doesn't have Yao Ming, which means they, virtually, have no chance. So McGrady's season will end in April. Again!

To continue reading Stephen's entire post on this subject, click here.

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