Friday, June 20, 2008


Tune in to The Steve Harvey Morning show at 9am TODAY to hear R&B Artist/Actor, Chaz perform songs live from his soon to be released cd, "The First One". Chaz has made his mark in the acting world in some of everyone's favorite movies and television shows, including Set It Off, The Temptations, The Game, The Parkers, 7th Heaven, and Steve Harvey's Me & The Boys. Chaz most recently burned a hole in the stage in the Broadway production of The Color Purple, in his impressive role as Harpo.

I'm listening to the Steve Harvey Morning show online now, as if I'm an East Coaster; I should be sleeping but this chil' is so dope I thought it was important enough to post a blog and risk having bags under my eyes.

A long time coming for this crooner. Our ears and soul need his movement, so don't get left behind.

West Coasters, when you're riding in your car-sitting in traffic- burning $5 dollar gas, make sure you tune in to the Steve Harvey Morning show.

Ladies, Chaz has the kinda music that can makes us feel pretty special or pretty & special. :)

Chaz's Myspace

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