Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CREATIFF FINE-SS: Boston Celtics' Eddie House

Amen for CREATIFF FINE-SS. I just wanted to acknowledge the fine-ss of Boston Celtics', Eddie House. I remember thinking he was a cutey when he played for the Suns a few years back but his cuteness in Tuesday night's game was a bit distracting. At first I wasn't going to post a photo of him because the ones I found during my Google search did not support my claim of his fine-ss. I kinda sorta found one that does him some justice; an old one, but he still looks like a cutey (minus all the artwork he's displaying on his body). To get the full on version of his fine-ss in his Green & White uniform, tune into Game 4 of the NBA Finals Tonight. Look for #50.

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