Monday, June 16, 2008

Creatiff Tidbits

My Weekend

Hey Party Peeps,

My weekend was fulfilling.

Saturday, I had a busy day. I attended a video shoot for my friend Chaz, an exciting R&B, male vocalist that's scheduled to hit the music scene in the coming months. I hope to have images from his shoot soon, along with music.

Speaking of exciting R&B male vocalist. Eric Benet performed at the birthday bash for radio station KJLH's, Andre' Russell and Kevin Nash on Saturday night. The amazingly FIIINE, Eric Benet is back with a sexier than ever new look, sans the dreads and twisties. I don't recall ever in my lifetime asking a man what his secret is to staying gorgeous; a woman needs to know. I'll post his answer in my review as well....stay tuned.


When I get word my Pastor will be out of town and will miss Sunday morning service, I sometimes go church visiting, or church hoppin' as some of the Saints in God in Christ of the Missionary Baptist Methodist Church of the 2nd Jurisdiction of Mt. Zion like to say. How about the church I visited this past Sunday, the pastor who gave the benediction, closed out with a prayer of covering for the Lakers. LOL!!! I mean, we had our heads bowed down "thanking Jesus" asking for travelling grace and all of a sudden the pastor said, "Lord, if it's your will for the Lakers to win, let them win." He continued on with victory prayer requests for the Lakers, by then I was in LOL mode. Now during the actual game, my mom started praying for them too . She was like, "Lord, please let the Lakers make all of the baskets and allow Boston to miss all of the baskets". My mom playfully got frustrated with me and left the room because I wasn't overly excited as she was, so she tells me, "I'm gonna go watch this game with your dad and nephews, because the Lord says, "where 2 or more are gathered in my name...... I'm like, lady. I'm saving my prayers for Barack and the upcoming Presidential election. :)

R. Kelly

I hope the man on the tape gets caught eventually. I know the focus was on it being R. Kelly, well, since he was acquitted maybe the person on the tape will be found. Maybe someone will come forth with information concerning the identity of the man on the tape.


Anonymous said...

Please you know that was R.Kelly!

Tiffany said...

Yep, and that's why I was being sarcastic with my post. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading.