Wednesday, June 11, 2008


owners: Marcellus Wiley & Tiki Harrell

Last Thursday I attended the Divas, Drinks and Discount fashion soiree held in Santa Monica at La'Tik Boutque.

Boutique owners, Tiki Harrell along with her brother, former NFLer and current ESPN analyst, Marcellus "Dat Dude" Wiley hosted the event for the ladies. :)

La'Tik, a women's fashion boutique with unique pieces designed to bring a woman to tears. Ladies, ladies, ladies....the purses. Geez-us! At every corner of the store, I kept hearing purses call my name. A fierce purse game, indeed. I was looking for Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte because easily a scene from "Sex and The City" could've been filmed there. Also housed in the boutique is a fabulous private loft area, where guests on that night were able to watch the Lakers lose game 1 to the Celtics.

For those who have "gone green", her store even carries an Eco-Friendly line as well.

Visit La'Tik in person at 416 Broadway-Santa Monica, CA., "a hop, skip & a sashay" from 3rd Street Promenade.
or visit online at:

La'Tik front entrance
store atmosphere
guests chillin' in the La'Tik Loft

(The Obama Girls) taking a break from talking about Barack's victory speech

Tiffany & Marcellus (see, I wore my Lakers jersey that night and they still lost; someone said it was because of the number I was wearing...whatevah)...what up Shaq.

These two...LOL. Miko & Marcellus- funny all night..

purses, purses

Fam and friends: just a reminder, my bday is in November
Marcellus and Tiki with their dad (middle)

Thanks Marcellus!

Additional photos from Adrian Sidney's

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