Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Stress For Game 6- Stephen A. Smith- YOU WERE WRONG

Thank goodness I remained stress free throughout these NBA Finals! I really enjoyed watching the games with my family. My mother was probably the most "off the chain" Lakers fan; inserting prayer requests during every time out. The Lakers got smashed and the Celtics didn't get caught up in having a lead, they played until the last 4.4 seconds of the game. I am so not trying to beat the Lakers while they're down, but I kept asking myself, "what's goin' on here, what am I watching?" My 6 year old nephew plays for a junior Lakers squad and I enjoy going to their games because the kids look so cute, their confusion on the court, their mistakes, their fouls are all cute. That's how the Lakers looked to me-minus the cute part.

My man, ESPN Sports Analyst, Stephen A. Smith was wrong in his prediction of the Lakers sealing the deal as the Finals Champs. I posted a link to his Playoffs predictions a few months ago. I always love what Stephen has to say. Most of the time he's so on point; he wasn't expecting this outcome.

As for the playoffs, I still expect the Lakers to win it all. I haven't decided yet, though, whether it'll be Boston or Detroit coming out of the East. I'd love for it to be Boston, but I can't help but have my doubts based on how the Celtics were exposed by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. That series went 7 games because Boston couldn't deal with Atlanta's athleticism, nor could Boston defend well off the dribble. {jacked from Stephen A's blog}.(stephen a's rants)

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