Monday, September 17, 2007

Top Things Fiddy Will Say At His Retirement Party about Kanye

50 cent has made mention he would retire if Kanye outsells him in the first week of their album release. Well, I came up with a few things he will say his retirement party:

Kanye had his best sales week ever....If It wasn't for me
he wouldn't have ever seen this many numbers in sales for
the first week.

Oh, Def Jam bought all those records(he's already said this but will say it again)

Watch what happens to Kanye's sales the next week. What's important is the
2nd week's sales because Def Jam buys all of their artist's records the first week.(he said this too but will remind us again & again)

Kanye needs to thank me because I'm making him.

He needed his "big brother Jay Z" to help him win the battle.
When I was on 106 & Park, I didn't bring out any surprise guests.

Vitamin Water Vitamin Water Vitamin Water(equivalent to Puffy's, Take That, Take That)

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