Monday, September 17, 2007

Congrats to Jamie Foxx-A Star for a Star

Jamie Foxx received his well earned and deserved star this past Friday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He received the 2,347th star on the famous BLVD. Congrats to Jamie.

On another note, there are 6 guys who are a part of New Edition who will celebrate their 25th Anniversary in the year 2008. They certainly deserve a star and they have not been approved by the "star committee" as of yet. WHAT!!!! I will be using my voice, my words, and "my whatever is legal" to assist in getting them a star, but right now this post is to give congrats to Jamie but please look forward to my "New Edition deserves a Star Campaign". Do I have to make one of those videos in front of a "sheet curtain" like Britney's #1 fan? I sure will make one of those to get the number one boy band since the Jacksons a star.

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