Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

Hey Peeps, I trust everyone had a pleasant weekend. My weekend was cool; well not cool because I was in L.A. and if anyone was near L.A. over this Labor Day weekend you probably suffered from over exposure to the heat, frustration from the heat and confusion from the heat. The heat was just WRONG; too wrong to even Blog. I also drove through one too many power outages due to the over use of electricity, conserve energy, no way, not this past weekend. It was actually so hot out in L.A., I seriously lost my mind in the wardrobe dept. One of the outfits I wore, I should've been talked about, I mean like "why is she wearing that" type of "talk about". Y'all know how you see that girl or a group of them out at events usually like concerts or outdoor type festivals there's always a chance someone will be pieced up in a dress that could easily pass for a baby tee. Well, I now want to issue an apology to all those women I've made comments about because I know you all were rockin' those fits because you were just hot from the heat.... Shooo, that's how I felt this weekend. I wore something that would've gone over very well at the beach, except I was in Inglewood....but I was so cool.

Other weekend highlights: I attended Stax Records 50Th Anniversary Concert at the California African American Museum (blog posting coming soon) TARGET, one of the events sponsors gave away Hula Hoops to those in attendance. Remember those? OMG, back down memory lane for real, and I certainly got my hula hoop on. And no, I wasn't wearing the previously mentioned outfit.....stop it....stop it.

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