Monday, September 17, 2007

Journalist's Open Letter to Beyonce'- Subject: Over Saturation

Jawn Murray over at AOL Black Voices issues an open letter to Beyonce concerning over-saturation of her artistry in the marketplace as well as her brand.

Here's an excerpt from his letter:

......"I recently became concerned when I heard that you intend to go back into the studio come November and plan to release a new album next summer. That's really disturbing to me.If you take the time look those artists and musicians who are master's of their craft, you will see that most of them take a few years off between projects to (1) rejuvenate and find inspiration for their next endeavor and (2) not over-saturate the marketplace. You are without a doubt teetering on the brink of over-saturation and I wanted to 'Ring the Alarm' before you become an industry bug-a-boo!As an entertainment professional who respects your hustle, I tip my hat to your gifts and salute your accomplishments. I know its not just me, myself and I who feels that if I see you on another magazine cover or hear you give another blah acceptance speech at an award show anytime soon, I'll 'Lose My Breath' and be full of 'Resentment.' "

Check out the letter in full here

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