Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks Ye & Fiddy-Y'all Made the Music Biz Fun Again

Thanks Kanye and Fiddy for bringing some excitement to the music industry. Thanks for shaking things up a bit. My ears are so excited. Sales predictions according to Hits Magazine have Kanye in 1st place, predicting first week sales numbers close to 800,000+ with Fiddy in 2nd at
around 600,000 and country star Kenny Chesney at 450,000.

Who I spent my money on:

Kanye- Always lovin' Ye. I feel inspired when his cd's are released. He has a movement everytime. His music moves my brain...loving the similes and metaphors, Ye!

Loving Fiddy's, "I Get Money". Such the hot jam right now.

I got a bet going on with a certain someone that Ye's sales would exceed Fiddy's, and according to all of these music insider's predictions, I'm winning. I need to win because losing would mean I'd have to pay my debt back in monthly installments. I'll keep y'all posted and if this person doesn't pay me....hmmm, I'll think of something.

I so hope that Fiddy doesn't get the bright idea to go and buy his own cd's to catch up to Kanye...that would really mess up my bet.

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