Monday, September 24, 2007

BET News Presents: Hip Hop vs America

Last week I attended a BET Screening for Hip Hop vs. America, a 3 part BET News special addressing the present state of Hip Hop. A well balanced forum and panel I must say. I believe everyone will hear a representation of their own voice by the one or more of the panelists. Some of the guests will include, recording artists T.I, Nelly, Master P, & MC Lyte, journalists, Kim Osorio, Stanley Crouch, & Diane Weathers, professor Michael Eric Dyson, Al Sharpton, video director Benny Boom and cultural critic Nelson George. Part 1 of the series will air tonight at 8pm.
Air Dates & Times:
Part 1: Tuesday, Sept 25

Part 2: Wednesday, Sept 26

Part 3: Online on BET's ON Blast immediately following Part 2.

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Kimberly said...

that was a great they did but wanted more of it. BET should make this a weekly show and get the audience involved they seem like they were dying to speak.