Monday, July 21, 2008

David Banner- Tells Great Stories.

Last year I had an opportunity to attend a press listening session for David Banner's album, The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Below are a few video clips I captured from the session.

David Banner on working with Chris Brown:

David Banner on being in love.....awwww!

Sitting in a Hollywood recording studio, guests listened ever so attentively as the animated Banner played tracks from his project. During the session, he also shared his views on the climate of the music industry, love, homelessness, education and there was no stopping him on the political front.

Last, David set up an opportunity for one lucky person to win some of "his money" by playing a game called, "name that artist"..... I must say, i was the lucky one, and the $100 dollars was a pleasant surprise. Thanks David! Oh and the artist, T.I...thank you too dear. Never play musical games when I'm around. :)

Album available online and in-stores.

DJ Danna K, thanks for the video edit.

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