Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Edition's ASCAP Honor & Twin Craziness

Ok, before I go any further, please meet Stephanie Abdullah, publicist for Bobby Brown, and also my "play" twin sister, seperated at birth. We nicknamed one another "Twin" because we were born in the same hospital in St. Louis, spent our early childhood across the river in E. St. Louis, moved to Cali as pre-teens, but didn't meet one another until 7 years ago.

Stef and I have lived extremely similar lives before meeting-still do actually. The situation is so bizarre it would really take another blog to go into more details. Twin craziness at its best! Tiffany & Stephanie, oh, and don't even get me started on our name similarity and the same guys we've gone out with....such another blog for another time. By the way, she's the older twin. (Ha, Ha)

Photos of me and Twin at the ASCAP Awards honoring the best boy band since the Jacksons, New Edition.

My attendance to the actual event was made possible because of her. Thanks for looking out. Oh and a just because "thank you" always to New Edition's manager, Brooke Payne for your willingness to make sure I'm straight for any and all things New Edition. We'll work the red carpet angle out a different way, next time.
Tiff, Ronnie & Steph
Steph, Johnny, & Tiff
New Edition w/their ASCAP Award
New Edition with Maurice Starr, Brooke Payne & Tommy Brown

All pictures courtesy of Stephanie Abdullah.

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