Thursday, July 10, 2008

Skating with SOUL FOOD

Soul Food Presents: Bounce, Rock & Rollerskate.

A monthly event in LaLa land put on by Music Executives, Radio Personalities and Mix Show DJ's at the world famous World on Wheels skating rink. I love all of the Soul Food Presents events.

A refreshing group of professional entertainment executives- keeping the fun alive. Their events bring out good people who love rockin' out. One of my favorite DJ's, Sketch, always plays my favorite skate song, "Anything" by SWV feat. WuTang, he's for sure alright with me.

Tiff w/ The Specialist & Soul Food Providers (June Soul Food event)

One of my favorite music execs, Jive Records's Roddy Rod aka (Morgan's Dad) & Tiff (June Soul Food Event) Rod, I need another Usher CD.
Lashan & Tiff striking a pose at last month's skating jam. I love what my arms are looking like since I've been doing the eliptical machine...whoo hoo. (June Soul Food Event)
The adorable Simmons Sisters were in the house. My former size C cups runneth over. Next time I'll have to sit up straight and make sure my shirt is pulled allll the way up. An inexpensive way to get the breast implant look- keep eating cookies and cakes....and wear the shirts you used to wear before you gained the extra everytime. Again, I've been working it out on the eliptical. Fellas-save your comments. :) Thanks. (June Soul Food event)Tiff, Rayshon & Dianell-Skating Girls. Thanks Rayshon for being that extra support while skating. I know my non skating tail was about to meet the floor a few times. I can make it happen in some rollerblades though. (July's Soul Food event)

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