Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PJ Morton Rocked L.A.

Tiff w/my German bff & prayer pa'tna, Heike at the PJ show
Tiff w/ the Fly Nerd, PJ Morton-he's just the best best!
PJ posin' w/ Heike
PJ & Smitty Rocks after the show.

Smitty, you passed the "rock out" test-you can hang :)

PJ stopped through L.A. to record his live album. Can I just say, heaven was on earth this past Friday at the Temple Bar. I just want all of my loved ones and friends to know about PJ Morton. You must know there is a remedy for the pain that's caused by the lack of music variety. No worries, I look for these fixes daily, and will share what I know. I do know one thing, you need PJ in your life, your ipod, cd player, etc. Remember when music used to make you feel good? Ladies, when songs used to make you feel prettier than you already are? Well, I felt pretty, and pretty good on Friday night because of the PJ Morton Experience. Check him out-thank me later.

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