Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Robi Reed's Annual Bday Bash

This past Saturday, producer/casting director, Robi Reed held her annual birthday bash at the home of our favorite t.v judge, Greg Mathis. Check out the photos from her Party w/ a Purpose, which also helped raise money for the Black Aids Institute.

Sirius & E! Host Robin Thede, Tiff and Elise Neal

Tiff w/ Laz (how'd you go from smiling to mean-muggin') LOL
Mean Muggin' Laz & Lashan
I don't know them, but AMEN, right? Thank the Lord for sight.

I believe the one on the right said his name was Reggie. Such cuties. Heeey Reggie! :)

Isn't this just the cutest face? Everybody Loves Chris's, Kevontay and his son Karter.

The no-nonsense Judge Mathis. He is such the coolest. He had to bring the "judge" out of him on one of the party guests...Too hilarious.

Tiff & DJ Spinderella

Tiff w/ Lee Bailey. He's clearly one of the reason's why, as a little girl I dreamed of working in entertainment. Can we say, Radioscope.

Thanks Lashan!

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